Mani Monday: 8 Nail Art Trends That Are Going To Be Everywhere This Season!

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  Sep 13, 2021
Mani Monday: 8 Nail Art Trends That Are Going To Be Everywhere This Season!


Ready or not, autumn is just around the corner. And, for nail art aficionados, a change in season presents an opportunity to experiment with an entirely new slew of fun nail designs and colours. It’s that time of year where we slowly start putting away our neon nail polishes in favour of the darker, moodier shades.

Want to know what nail looks will eclipse all others in popularity? you’ve come to the right place as today we’re highlighting the stand-out nail trends that will reign supreme in the coming months. From whimsical 3D nail art reminiscent of our dizziest daydream to chic polish alternatives that will make brooding burgundies and emeralds feel obsolete – the manicure trends listed below will not disappoint. So if you’re stuck in a beauty rut or just looking for some fresh ideas, Keep scrolling to find style-setting manicure ideas you’ll want to copy ASAP. Swipe for the mood board and shop the ones that speak to you the most.

8 Standout Nail Trends That Are Set To Rule This Season

Light And Fun

We’re calling it: playful nail art will carry straight through summer into autumn, and even through winter. Since our beauty aesthetic has drastically changed with COVID, so have nail trends. As nails are often an easy place to express our creativity and can make us feel dressed even when we are wearing a mask or athleisure. With that in mind, fun and quirky nail art designs are not going anywhere. 

Muted Beauty

Muted hues are going to be big this season. For instance, instead of a bright fuchsia, swap in a rich berry-ish shade. It’s warmer and more inviting, yet still eye-catching. So if you are looking for a fuss-free way to elevate your look, this is the mani to call on. 

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Y2K Meets 3D Nail Art 

3D nail art is becoming wildly popular, but think whimsical vibes like gummy bears and other really graphic nail arts. Cheerful hues that reflect the fun and carefree feelings with ‘00s-inspired nails aesthetic will be huge in the coming months. It’s the coolest, statement-making way to switch up your style game. 

For A Fashion-Forward Look

Green, in general, has been big all year, but for autumn, we’ll see more muted, neutral shades rather than lime greens or bold kelly greens. Mossy green colours look gorgeous and flatter all skin tones. It also has an earthy, grounded vibe to it, which makes it look great as a base for a lot of nail art. Team it up with orange or blue accents this fall. 

The Classic: Ivory Nails

While white tips are for a more polished summer-friendly look. Tone them down with this classic soft ivory. Go for an opaque finish by adding more coats or hang back with a barely-there, sheer finish. The choice is yours. This nail paint hue looks great on all nail lengths and shapes.

Trendsetting Negative Spaces

Negative space nail art never seems to go away, and it’s really simple to DIY since errors can easily be corrected with a quick swipe of clean-up brush drenched in acetone. Plus, it is easy to play with various colours. This season, try mixing classics like black and white with dark festive tones for a brighter variation.

Warm Chestnut FTW!

If you find yourself reaching for lattes in autumn, then you might notice the similarity between that frothy drink and this nail colour. It’s slightly warmer than that of our regular beige, but just a shade or two lighter to be considered brown.

Shimmer And Shine

High-shine molten metals are legit one of the biggest trends to look out for in 2021. And you needn’t stick to one. Instead, mix and match silvers, golds, and chromes. This style is super versatile and gives the freedom to experiment with different shapes. Think squiggles, stars, french, ombre, and flames.

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