Athleisure Is The Perfect Combo Of Comfy & Stylish, Here’re 6 Styling Tips To Get It Right

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  Apr 14, 2020
Athleisure Is The Perfect Combo Of Comfy & Stylish, Here’re 6 Styling Tips To Get It Right


If there’s one thing that’s currently trending on social media besides the daily COVID-19 news, then it has to be comfy fashion or athleisure as it is more fondly called. Right from the rise of the yoga pants to some serious celebrity endorsements, while a number of fashion experts would attribute the athleisure trend to a number of different sources, right now there is just one reason for the trend: all the home time that we are spending! 

With the influencer culture at an all-time high, you weren’t anyway expecting fashion to disappear like people during quarantine, right? Right from color-pop sports bras to the endless array of spandex pants, from the looks of the current Insta trends, it can be safely established that athleisure trend is here to stay even after the lockdown becomes a thing of the past.



But first things first: Athleisure anyway happens to be one of those comfy trends that you’d like to wear for the entire summer, in fact, you have been doing it all this while. Also, it’s been almost a month of comfy clothing, and who even wants to put on denim anymore anyway?

Having said that, athleisure actually happens to be incredibly versatile and can easily take you from a jogging session in the park to a hearty brunch or even work, if you know how to do it right. So how about we acquaint ourselves with the dos and don’ts of getting it right? Read on!



Keep Them Crisp And Clean

Just because it is athleisure or comfy or sporty clothing, doesn’t mean you can go wear unkempt clothes. In fact, you are already comfortable, why would you want to be lazy with that? Thus, with your athleisure outfits, make sure that they are well ironed, clean, and not pilling. Also, wear sneakers that are clean and well kept.

Dress It Up

No one ever said that athleisure means you can’t go dressy. In Fact, part of the fun lies in playing with the trend and mixing and matching it up with wardrobe pieces that take your look up several notches. Think of pairing up your yoga pants with a long dressy shirt or your gym tanks with a flouncy skirt. A number of celebrities and Instagram influencers have been wearing their white sneakers with dresses and skirts and you can also think of giving it a go. 

Accessorise Appropriately

Believe it or not but the right accessories and some styling can literally take a simple workout look to a date night look with the boo within minutes. And when it comes to accessories,  minimal-chic can be a good cue for you to follow. Thus, you can simply add a pair of vinyl hoops with a basic cycle shorts and shirt look to make it instantly stylish while adding a pop of colour to it. 



Head To Toe Sports Gear

Head to toe gym gear is a great workout look but it should stop just there. Again a neon co-ord yoga set will make for a great gym style but won’t do much for a shopping look. Well, you get the idea! While your athleisure wear should suggest athletics, it should also suggest leisure and thus a bit of style. This trend is a way of playing with comfortable clothing and not overdoing it. Thus, think of ways to spunk it up when it gets too “sporty.” Throw in a layer or swap your leggings with slouchy trousers to go with that neon gym top. 

Lazy Styling

There is a difference between comfy and lazy and someone who likes athleisure should know it well. Remember when Joey had a Porsche outfit but no Porsche car? You don’t want to look like that right? Because it is the same with your athleisure garments when you wear them sans any styling. Go as much creative, as you do with your tailored suiting or any other style for that matter. Always remember: in fashion, effort is the key to get it right and also what defines your individual style!

Crazy Heels

Trust me, you don’t want to be seen wearing your tights with dressy heels. Mixing and matching is about finding out complementing pieces, heels with yoga pants is just terrible styling, and not to forget, confusing too! The entire idea of athleisure nestles in comfort, practical outfits, and high heels kind of just undoes that essence. 

Featured Image: Instagram