#AskPOPxo: “I Have A Dilemma – Did I Cheat On Him?”

Pradipta SarkarPradipta Sarkar  |  May 5, 2016
#AskPOPxo: “I Have A Dilemma – Did I Cheat On Him?”


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Today’s question: “Did I cheat on him?”

I am in a dilemma and need your opinion. I cannot share or talk about all these things to anyone not even to my friends, that’s why seeking your help.

I am 22 year old. I like a guy. We live in different cities and we are friends. I told him that I like him but he told me that he doesn’t feel the same for me. I’m ok with it.

Now there is this another guy in my college with whom I’ve had sexual encounters twice(not sex), once when that other guy wasn’t in my life and second time when he was in my life. So I’m confused is it wrong? Am I cheating the guy I like?

did i cheat on him

Answer from the POPxo Team

Dear X,

There is no need to feel guilty or worried about this!

If you’ve told your friend that you like him – and he doesn’t like you back – then you guys don’t really have a relationship other than that of friendship. And you can’t cheat on a friend with sex (or sexual encounters). And it’s not relevant whether he’s in your life or not. After all, no matter what your feelings for him, since he’s not involved in an exclusive relationship with you, he has no claim on your body or what you choose to do. So you can’t possibly be cheating on him, whatever you’re doing!

If you’re finding pleasure in your interactions with this other guy, then good for you! My only advice to you is: be safe.

Good luck! And hope this helps.

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