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Trouble In Paradise? After Himanshi Khurana, Asim Riaz Shares A Cryptic Post

Trouble In Paradise? After Himanshi Khurana, Asim Riaz Shares A Cryptic Post

Just a few days ago Asim Riaz dropped off his ladylove Himanshi Khurana at the airport as she left for Chandigarh to shoot a music video. Now as sweet as the gesture is, there seems to be some trouble brewing between the two. Asim Riaz recently shared a cryptic post on his Instagram stories and this sure has left us wondering what’s going on between this Bigg Boss season 13 couple. According to Asim’s Instagram story, he seems to have chosen not to lose sleep over someone who killed his dreams.

Well…is that a response to Himanshi’s cryptic posts?


Himanshi has also been sharing numerous cryptic posts over the past few months. The Punjabi actress recently shared some heartbreak-related posts that added fuel to the fire. She wrote, “Use mujh se zada apne app se pyaar tha or mujhe khud se zada usse pyaar tha. Soch hi alag this.”

Another one read, “My dad once cracked a joke and I laughed into tears, he later told me the same joke, I laughed a little, he kept on repeating the same joke, I stopped laughing then he said why do you keep crying over a person who keeps on hurting you.”

Is it time to dig into that tub of ice-cream? 🙁


Well, we would definitely want the couple to sort things. ‘Coz we think they are adorbs together. Psst…are you also eyeing Himanshi’s Glamm look in this picture? Add these MyGlamm products to your cart to recreate this look!

Asim-Himanshi Love Story

Coming back to #AsiManshi, the couple garnered quite a bit of fan following after their stint in the Bigg Boss house. It’s not every day that a handsome hunk makes a heart-shaped parantha for his ladylove! How could we forget all the cute and adorable things that Asim Riaz did to woo the ‘Punjab ki Aishwarya Rai’! All this in spite of the fact that Himanshi was in a nine-year-long committed relationship. But there was no stopping this loverboy and his love for Himanshi eventually won her over.



While #AsiManshi bonded in the BB house, after Himanshi’s eviction the lovebirds realised how much they missed each other. Well, distance really does make the heart grow fonder, huh?


From Asim’s proposal to their PDA and music videos, we’ve really seen this jodi grow. TBH, we absolutely adore and ship this couple and just can’t see them part ways! We are feeling the dramatic ‘Yeh sunne see pehele main marr kyun nahi gayi‘ vibe RN!

Featured Image: Instagram

22 Dec 2020

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