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KJo Trolled Again For Attending A Birthday Bash & This Bullying Needs To Stop Already

KJo Trolled Again For Attending A Birthday Bash & This Bullying Needs To Stop Already

It’s been almost a month since Sushant Singh Rajput’s tragic death. Since then, a lot has also been spoken and speculated about what drove the late actor to suicide. People have been coming up a lot of theories including how he was targeted by the Bollywood biggies who constantly sabotaged his career with Karan Johar, Salman Khan, and other prominent names being named as his culprits. Every day a new theory is floated about how nepotism and an elitist industry ‘murdered’ Sushant. 

Last month, even an abatement case was filled against Karan Johar and seven others accusing them of systematic targeting of Sushant’s career and driving him to the brink. In fact, KJo has faced a lot of internet ire all this time while he has been effectively dubbed the “flag-bearer of nepotism in Bollywood” and as per a popular Bollywood daily, he is in a bad state, mentally and emotionally owing to this all. 

He has been vehemently trolled on social media and the director recently quit the MAMI board amid these threats and allegations. A close friend of him has revealed that Karan is more often than not, quite unbothered by trolls and comments. However, this time, it has really affected him. And now just when things were beginning to settle down a bit, the trolls have found a new reason to target Karan. 

He was recently spotted at Neetu Kapoor’s 62nd birthday bash and the trolls certainly did not take it well as they mocked and insulted him for showing up at a party days after reportedly feeling all shattered and dejected. “#KaranJohar is so sad that he is doing party at the Kapoor’s on Neetu Singh’s birthday! News is around that he is broken, etc… etc…. ! Liars , Hypocrite, killer!!!!,” someone wrote on Twitter. Another one added, “#KaranJohar was reportedly devastated by online trolling.”

However, as these internet trolls call out Bollywood’s hypocrisy, they are certainly overlooking their own! The same people who are busy bashing the industry biggies for bullying Sushant are not doing anything different right now. From the choicest of the abuses to even murder threats, so much venom has been spewed. And I am certainly at a loss here, so tell me again: how do two wrongs make a right? 
In the past month, everything and everyone has been judged and scrutinised by these trolls. And from those posting condolences to those not posting anything at all…almost everyone has been at the receiving end of some kind of hatred or another. So many from Bollywood have been trolled for their “fake” condolences. Sushant’s ex-girlfriend Ankita Lokhande was first trolled for not posting anything about his death and then showing up at his house a couple of days later. In fact, even her finance has been trolled for some similar ludicrous reasons as well.  
And this might escape the trolls–while nitpicking faults with everyone, they seem to have turned into exactly what they seek to target right now–bullying, hatred, and a certain high headedness that makes one think that they are better than others. 
I mean, since when did it become a compulsion to wear your sadness on your sleeve? A person can be devastated, going through a lot, and yet attend a party! No one gets to decide how people deal with their sadness or dejection, no one! If only, had these trolls invested their times in brushing up their knowledge about mental health instead of wasting all that time in fault finding, abusing, and spreading hate on social media.
While they might not realise it, all these intrusive speculative exercises and then the consequent commotion and sensationalisation is only disrespecting the dead. I take the liberty of floating a fleeting observation here: you support artists by supporting their work and most of the multi-million box office success stories say as much about you all as they do about the industry’s nepotism! 
Perhaps we can mend our ways before this internet hatred consumes us all!

Featured Image: Instagram

09 Jul 2020

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