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Aryan Khan Pulled A Poo By Wearing Mismatched Shoes ‘Coz ‘Couture, Darling!’

Sayunkta JainSayunkta Jain  |  Aug 6, 2018
Aryan Khan Pulled A Poo By Wearing Mismatched Shoes ‘Coz ‘Couture, Darling!’


Aryan Khan is that one celeb kid who tried to keep away from the paparazzi (well, mostly) but at a friend’s birthday party this weekend in Mumbai, he, actually his shoes caught our eye. He wore two different coloured sneakers to the party!

1 aryan khan - red sweatshirt

Now, you must be thinking how do we know if these are indeed two different shoes or a pair of mismatched sneakers! Well, he has worn the maroon slip-ons, both of them, before during their family trip to Barcelona.

2 aryan khan - shah rukh khan ibrahim khan

The maroon ones are Aryan’s, the same shoes in blue are little Ibrahim’s and the black ones are SRK’s sneakers. In his pictures from the party, looks like he’s wearing one of his and one of his dad’s shoes – maroon and black.

3 aryan khan - birthday party bastian mumbai

Dear Aryan Khan,

“Tumne… Dono… galat joote pehne hain!”

5 aryan khan - poo kabhi khushi kabhi gham

But, we guess, it’s fine. As Poo said in Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, “Yeh aaj kal ka fashion hai. Shayad tumhe nahi pata. Couture, darling. You won’t understand!”. Well, we understand, Poo. And the best part is – so does Aryan Khan.

4 aryan khan - at friend's birthday party

What do you think about the mismatched shoe trend? Poo or Ew?

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