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Arjun Kapoor Opens Up About Dating Someone Older & Respecting Malaika Arora’s Past

Arjun Kapoor Opens Up About Dating Someone Older & Respecting Malaika Arora’s Past

Priyanka Chopra-Jonas and Nick Jonas are one of the most loved couples globally. However, that did not spare them from the nasty trolls that spewed hate on them online. Why? Because of the mere fact that PC is ten years older than her husband. Interestingly enough, the same netizens did not blink an eye when Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor, who have an age difference of 11 years, got hitched.

Turns out, our society finds it’s okay if a man is older than the woman but not the other way around. However, now there are several couples who are helping us do away with this patriarchal stereotype.

One such power couple of Bollywood who has once again reminded their fans that age is, indeed, just a number, is Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora. The duo made their relationship official in 2019 and have been going steady ever since. 


While talking about his age difference with Malaika, who’s a mother of one, Arjun recently said in an interview with a leading daily, “I don’t try and be overtly talkative about my personal life, because I feel you should respect your partner, and there is a past there… And I’ve been in that situation where I’ve seen things pan out publicly and it’s not always very nice, because there are kids affected.”

The actor added that he always respects a relationship by creating boundaries and giving his partner the required space in a relationship. He added, “I try and keep a respectful boundary. I do what she’s comfortable with. And my career should not hinge on my relationship. So you have to create boundaries. I talk about it today because there is a certain respect and regard given to the relationship. We have given it time. I have tried to give it a certain amount of dignity by giving it space, and not having it be in your face.”


Wow, now that’s some major #CoupleGoals! No wonder we cannot wait for these lovebirds to tie the knot soon. However, Arjun had recently said in an interview that they did not have anything planned for their D-Day yet. He said, “Not planned and not thought about it right now, but like I always say, I will not hide it.”

Well, I hope that my future boo takes some major pointers from Arjun!

Feature Image: Instagram

22 May 2021

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