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Arjun Kapoor Refuses To Give Any Tips to Shanaya Kapoor & It Makes A Lot Of Sense!

Arjun Kapoor Refuses To Give Any Tips to Shanaya Kapoor & It Makes A Lot Of Sense!

We all know that Shanaya Kapoor is all set for her big Bollywood debut. ICYMI, she joined Dharma Cornerstone Agency as their new talent recently. Karan Johar is going to launch her in one of his upcoming romantic movies, along with actors Gurfateh Pirzada and Lakshya Lalwani. In case you are wondering if Student of The Year 3 is in the making, then same! Given the fact that her BFF Ananya Panday started her career from the same franchise, we wouldn’t be surprised if Shanaya follows the same route.

Well, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that all eyes are legit on the young starlet RN. And honestly, that could be quite unnerving. Obviously, one may assume that she would be getting all the guidance she requires from her cousins Janhvi Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor, who are already in showbiz.

Turns out, that’s not the case. Interestingly enough, Arjun Kapoor has no intention of giving Shanaya any movie tips. 


During an interview with a leading daily, Arjun revealed that he’d support her but he wanted Shanaya to make her own decisions. He said, “I don’t give tips because everyone has their own journey, everybody should make their own choices, she is in very good hands. She also has her parents and has me for her support. Tomorrow I’m sure in conversation knowingly or unknowingly I may guide her if she asks me a question, but the intent is not to give her opinion-forming thoughts. I just want her to flow and make her own choices.”


While reminiscing on his own journey, the actor said that Shanaya would have different experiences altogether. He added, “I have had Ishaqzaade, then I have had 2 States and Gunday, in all I have been through different palettes of emotions and I am fairly certain that she has to go through her own. I am there supporting her as a brother but this is her ride and she should enjoy it.”

Well, Arjun does have a point. And, it’s quite adorable to see that he is giving his l’il sister all the space that she requires to learn and grow.

Alright, KJo, enough with the suspense. Just release Shanaya’s debut film already ‘coz we’re excited AF!

Feature Image: Instagram

10 Jun 2021

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