We Can’t Take Our Eyes Off Ariana Grande’s Y2K Makeup Look Cause It’s Hella On Point!

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  Nov 10, 2021
We Can’t Take Our Eyes Off Ariana Grande’s Y2K Makeup Look Cause It’s Hella On Point!


A sign of an icon is that they can be identified by just a few of their beauty features. Here’s an easy one: Platinum blonde curls. Bright red lipstick. A mole. Obviously, Marilyn Monroe. Here’s another one: Dramatically winged cat-eye. Wispy lashes. Long, gravity-defying ponytail. Duh, it’s Ariana Grande. 

The masterfully executed beauty look – a neutral, pink-toned eye with razor-sharp wings and my skin-but-better glow was all the talk. Most beauty fanatics would have zoomed in a little closer to appreciate her makeup. While replicating Ariana’s fashion for your next night out may be a little far-fetched, but you sure can recreate her makeup. The look is distinctive in style yet super versatile in the sense that the wearer can make it their own by changing up colours and playing with angles to complement their own eye shape. Here’s a step-by-step that features a few alternative products you can use to get the look. 

Can’t Take Our Eyes Off Ariana’s Beauty Look? Here’s How You Can Recreate It

Step 1: To Rock A Dreamy, Soft-Focus Skin

Guarantee a flawless canvas by smoothing on a fast-absorbing moisturiser. Go in with a mattifying primer after, focusing on the side of the nose, hairline, forehead, and around the mouth. Then, buff in a matte foundation. Start in the centre of the face, on the apple of the cheeks, and slowly blend out. Dab on a concealer onto the areas that need it most, just to cover up any blemishes or redness. Finally, sweep on a featherweight translucent powder to seal it all in and give a dreamy, hazy look to your skin.  

Step 2: For The Browaholics!

Brush your brows in place. Then, use a brow pencil to draw thin, hairline strokes and fill any sparse areas. Then, comb through them with a clear gel.

Step 3: When In Doubt, Wing It Out

For the eyes, first, apply an eyeshadow primer and dab a hint of a pale pastel pink eyeshadow to define the eye socket and the crease area. Then take a lighter shade of pink on a clean fluffy brush to softly blend the colour on the entire lid. Create a dramatic wing with a black liquid liner, making sure the line is thinnest near your tear ducts and gets thicker as it goes along and is razor-sharp towards the ends. 

Step 4: It’s Lash O’Clock

Curl your lashes and coat them with a volumizing mascara. To make them look extra fluttery, stick on a pair of falsies.

Step 5: She Came. She Saw. She Contoured

Pick up a matte bronzing powder with a wide, soft brush, and swipe it across your cheeks. Lighten up your touch as you move across the hairline and jaw. Apply a peachy, cream blush on the apple of your cheeks, directed towards your temples. Then, use a highlighting powder on the high points of your face.

Step 6: Nothing A Lil’ Lip Gloss Can’t Fix

Line your lips with a pink-toned lip pencil and then apply a high-shine lip gloss in the same hue all over your lips. Seal your hard work using a makeup setting spray. 

It’s time to turn heads with an Ariana-esque beauty look.

Featured Image: Instagram