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How Argan Oil Saved My Dry, Lifeless & Chemically Treated Hair

How Argan Oil Saved My Dry, Lifeless & Chemically Treated Hair

Hairstylists love it and so do many others who have experienced its magic firsthand. Argan oil is worth the hype and is a haircare staple for anyone who wants to keep their mane in optimal condition. This rich natural oil rose to popularity a couple of years ago and has ever since changed the haircare game. Why? Because it works like magic and can literally treat everything from frizz to heat damage without a sweat. 

Since I recently had a hair colour treatment, my hair was dull and lifeless after the colour began to fade away. I needed a fix because I couldn’t stand the brittle condition of my hair. I turned to argan oil and it was the best decision ever. Due to its high demand, there are tons of products formulated with it in their ingredients list, but if you really want to experience its benefits unfiltered, it’s best to use it in its organic form. And, that’s exactly what I did! I immediately fell in love with the oil and here’s why I think you should try it out too.

What Is Argan Oil?

Argan oil is a plant-based oil that is derived from the kernels of an argan tree. It has a golden colour and a lightweight texture that is super moisturising. Pure grade argan oil is rich in Vitamin E, squalene, and fatty acids and can be used topically on the skin and hair as it holds tons of beauty benefits. Popularly used in haircare as a frizz-defying agent or a conditioning treatment, this oil literally helps revive the mane and makes it bouncy and shiny. It is also known as liquid gold because the golden coloured formula works like magic and gives you a luxe treatment be it for haircare or skincare.

The Amazing Benefits Of Argan Oil For Hair

No Losses

Hair fall is a common hair concern that almost everybody struggles with at some point. Whether the cause of it is stress or dandruff, argan oil can help significantly by improving scalp health and strengthening the lengths. It has anti-fungal, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties that can help get rid of dandruff and protect the scalp and mane against environmental damage.

Gloss Revival

Curly and frizzy hair types can benefit the most from argan oil as it tames frizz and adds shine instantaneously. The fatty acids and high Vitamin E content softens and smoothens the hair shafts and consequently tames frizz and flyaways as well.

Boost Elasticity

Argan oil can help make your strands more elastic therefore making your mane resistant towards breakage. Combing, brushing, and heat styling can all cause breakage on a daily basis but protecting your locks with argan will keep your hair strong and immune to damage. Even chemical treatments or ageing can cause strands to turn brittle and this oil is a perfect fix for such hair concerns. It has oleic and linoleic acids which help coat the strands and prevent breakage and dryness.

Treating My Colour Treated Mane With Argan Oil

I opted for a balayage hair colour a while back and my hair sure did look vibrant when the colour treatment was fresh. After a while, the colour began to fade as usual, and my strands got drier and started to lose their lustre. Even breakage became an issue and my unruly locks started to get even more tangled. To reverse the chemical damage of colour, I decided to use argan oil and it worked. I began massaging organic argan oil on my scalp and through the lengths of my hair once a week before a hair wash and the results were phenomenal. The dryness was gone and my hair became smoother and glossier. My strands became stronger and more elastic and there was lesser breakage when combing or styling. After using argan oil regularly once a week, my mane looks thicker and voluminous and bouncy. It successfully treated my dull, brittle, and dehydrated hair and revamped it into healthy and lustrous locks once again.

If you too are searching for a natural remedy to reverse hair damage and tame frizz, consider using pure argan oil once a week and you are sure to be satisfied by the results.

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26 Apr 2022

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