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Are We A Joke To You? 5 Reasons Why Only Makers Are Responsible For A Failed BB 15

Bigg Boss 15’s latest Weekend Ka Vaar was confusing, to say the least. For starters, it appeared to be less entertaining and more gimmicky as Salman Khan tried to prove some bizarre points with reasoning as flawed as Abhijit Bichukale’s Hindi. It started off with the host giving the contestants a lecture on plotting to cancel the Ticket To Finale task. Just to be clear, he was repudiating those who had been thrown out of the race for not supporting those who were still in the running. “If you keep doing this, why would the fans vote,” he asked. 

Well, we have the exact same question (and more) but not for the contestants. Because we are of the opinion that Salman will certainly get an answer if he raises this question to the Bigg Boss makers and himself. Here’s the thing— no matter how hard the BB creatives might try to lay the blame on the contestants this season, the blame solely goes to them. Throughout BB 15, they have appeared downright confused, desperate, and biased to us and that is just enough chaos to sabotage the show. From suspending ongoing themes to forcing new ones abruptly, the makers have given us quite a shit show this season. Now, to throw the blame on contestants who have been as flabbergasted as the viewers with all this haphazardness is just a cheap shot and we aren’t buying any of it. 


It is the makers (and only them) who are responsible for a failed season 15 and just in case they are too delusional to accept it, here are some questions that should do the task. Scroll through:

Why So Confused?

This season started with two teams—gharwalas and junglewalas. The latter had to create a carpet to make their way to the main house but two weeks into the show and nobody cared about it anymore. Suddenly, they were all left with two choices—go inside the main house in lieu of their prize money or get eliminated. However, that was just the beginning of season 15’s chaos. Soon enough, the makers came up with another team concept where the house had to be divided into VIPs and non-VIPs. Not to anyone’s surprise, that too was dissolved within a week. 

Oh, and we can’t forget everything that has been happening this week. There is a new set of “challengers” in the house who are literally doing fake tasks to get the rest of the contestants serious about the game. What the hell is this, you ask? Well, same question fam!

Why Are We Even Voting?

The majority of the evicted contestants this season weren’t voted out which really made a joke out of the show as well as the viewers who were voting every single week. To make things worse, there were so many weeks when there were no evictions at all. In fact, can you even recollect the last time someone was evicted from the BB 15 house? Right now, it feels like there have been 10 contestants in the house since forever now. With just two weeks remaining for the show’s finale, this just means one thing—more random evictions. Dear Salman, this is why the viewers don’t care about voting anymore, not ‘coz the contestants aren’t playing for their opponents (which was a really messed up point to call them out, btw)!

Five Tickets To Finale, Seriously?

In the past BB seasons, the Ticket To Finale task used to happen three or four weeks before the finale. This time, the task happened six weeks before the finale! But that’s not it. For some God forsaken reason, there exist not two, not three but five tickets to finale this season. Who would want to watch a “reality” show that gets this predictable?


Why Are Ex-Contestants Competing For The Trophy?

If even ex-contestants can compete for the Bigg Boss trophy then is it even a big deal anymore? They did it last season and they are doing it again. Also, it is kinda sad to see the BB creatives latch on to a trick that worked last season and copy-pasting it for Bigg Boss 15 as if they rely on sheer luck to do their jobs. Pathetic!

Why So Biased?

The endless Ticket To Finale tasks are making it glaringly obvious that the makers are desperately trying to push someone in the finale who can’t make it on their own. In fact, rumour has it that they have been succeeded in doing just that and Shamita Shetty has managed to bag one of the tickets to finale now.

Well, congratulations to the makers for giving us nothing and making this season as biased, boring, and blah as it could get. Remember, it’s on you guys!

Featured Image: Twitter

03 Jan 2022

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