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Back To Basics: Are BB Creams & CC Creams Making A Comeback In The Beautyverse?

Back To Basics: Are BB Creams & CC Creams Making A Comeback In The Beautyverse?

It is no news that the beauty community has been obsessed with skin-like, more natural-looking makeup. In the light of this makeup trend, we find ourselves gravitating toward certain textures and finishes. We are talking about balmy textures, dewy finish, and low-maintenance makeup products. Other than our beloved blush balms and lip tints, we have one more star of the hour that is making a well-deserved comeback to the makeup industry. That’s right, we mean BB creams and CC creams.

the industry is gradually walking past the heavy, full-coverage foundation looks. What are we moving on to? Skin tints that provide more natural coverage. While this trend has caused a myriad of these ‘skin tints’ to be launched left, right, and centre, but we have not forgotten our OG solution for light makeup coverage: BB and CC creams. BB creams (beauty balm or blemish balm) have a heavier consistency than CC creams and offer sheer coverage. These are the perfect contenders for your daily no-makeup-makeup looks. CC creams (colour corrector or colour control) offer more coverage than BB creams and can help in making your complexion look even-toned. Moreover, most BB cream and CC cream formulas come with an added benefit of SPF. What’s not to love!

Why Do You Need To Make A Switch?

Both BB cream and CC creams are strong candidates for your favourite sheer, and skin-like makeup looks. Now, if you’re wondering about the reason behind beauty gurus switching to lighter makeup bases and ditching heavy, full coverage foundations here’s why:

Cake Is An Amazing Dessert, But Not A Great Makeup Look

We have officially tried everything under the sun for a makeup base that doesn’t look creased up and cakey. Say setting powders and sprays to dipping our made-up faces in ice-cold water. Some of these options do work well, but going with a sheer coverage base is the most low-maintenance way to achieve that.

For The Best No-Makeup Makeup Selfies!

No matter how nude you go with a full coverage foundation base, it can never match the no-makeup-makeup look a sheer or light coverage can give you. Add some liquid or balmy highlighter, and boom! You have dewy skin that looks like is glowing from within.

Your Skin Needs To Breathe Too

Going for full coverage, a heavy foundation base is suitable for occasional events like parties, photoshoots, and major events. However, using such heavy makeup base for everyday makeup looks can make your skin feel congested. Your skin needs to breathe too, and light coverage formulas allow that.

Check These Ones Out:

If you were not convinced by the ongoing makeup trends yet, we’re sure that these reasons will make you a BB and CC cream convert for sure. And if you’re wondering where to start, here are some amazing formulas we love:

If you’re someone who is looking for a light foundation base that looks skin-like, you can try:

Are you team BB and CC cream yet?

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17 Sep 2021

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