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I Tried Applying Face Oil *BEFORE* Moisturiser & Found It To Be The Recipe To Glass Skin 

I Tried Applying Face Oil *BEFORE* Moisturiser & Found It To Be The Recipe To Glass Skin 

You will find tons of blogs that say facial oil needs to be applied as the last step of a skincare routine. This is essentially correct especially in the PM when you don’t have to layer on sunscreen (which is the last step of an AM skincare routine). Facial oils are great for achieving glass skin and they are also damn good for performing facial massages. The slip you get with them is really good!

Normally, I would cleanse, tone, pat in a serum, moisturise, and then layer on a face oil paired with some facial massage exercises. But what I’ve noticed lately is that nearly all moisturisers have been formulated to be lightweight and this changes the fact that facial oils go on last. The general idea is that one needs to apply skincare products in ascending order that goes from the thinnest to the thickest consistency. So with moisturisers now being super lightweight as well as facial oils being formulated to be quick-absorbing and light, a change in the basic progression of skincare steps is highly necessary. Here’s why.

So Here’s The Main Issue With Layering Facial Oil After Moisturiser

Nearly all moisturisers today are formulated to be lightweight. Modern moisturiser formulas are also crafted to leave no greasiness behind and settle with an almost-matte or semi-matte finish. Be it moisturisers for dry skin or oily skin, you can expect them to make your skin look glowy or matte but never sticky, greasy, and transferrable. So when you go and layer a facial oil over these kinds of moisturisers, you most likely are going to experience skincare product pilling. Skincare product pilling is caused when two or more products in your skincare routine don’t gel well together and form soft balls on your skin which is basically the product getting rubbed off from your skin instead of being absorbed by the skin. This problem may make you want to ditch facial oils altogether but you will be denying yourself that gorgeous natural glow if you do so.

Does This Issue Prevail With Face Oils & Moisturisers From The Same Brand?

Funnily enough, yes! Not all brands but a significant number of them have face oils and moisturisers from the same range that end up pilling too when you layer the face oil after applying moisturiser. It’s kind of annoying but on closer inspection, you will find it mentioned in the directions on the packaging that the face oil needs to be applied on clean skin. There is almost never a direction that suggests you apply the face oil over moisturiser.


The Solution That Just Makes Sense

Now, if facial oils are recommended by the brands themselves to be applied on clean skin, and they cause pilling when applied over moisturiser, I thought of applying facial oil before moisturiser and IT WORKED. I got this bright idea after reviewing my favourite winter skincare serums – most of these serums were oil-based. That got me thinking ‘what if I treated my facial oil like a serum?’ because I really wanted it to work. Dry skin in winter has really been giving me trouble and I bet most of you are experiencing dryness and breakouts too. So, when I dared to apply one of my favourite facial oils before a winter moisturiser I’ve been devoted to, it just clicked and I have been following this step for weeks and enjoying silky smooth results.

How My Skin Feels After Applying Face Oil Before Moisturiser

I did some more research into whether or not facial oils can be used over serums (even retinol serums) and I got the green signal. You can use face oils over serums provided you take a pause for a few minutes in between layering. So with a clear plan in mind, I followed this product application order: Cleanser, toner/mist, serum, facial oil (with a facial massage), and moisturiser. What I noticed is my skin became so silky and soft and the rough patches that were there due to the cold weather went away almost instantly. I had been struggling with dryness and breakouts because I do have a combination skin type. But with this facial oil hack, I was able to banish that winter dryness and achieve glass skin all too easily. After I applied moisturiser over the facial oil, it absorbed right into my skin and it didn’t look or feel like I applied too many moisturising products. In fact, I got a radiant glow, reduced fine lines and dullness, and even felt my skin become soft and supple.

If you too want to add a facial oil to your skincare routine but have been apprehensive, give this method a go. It worked for me and am an angel because I don’t gatekeep a good skincare hack!

Glass skin is just a facial oil away.


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19 Jan 2023

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