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Anushka Sharma’s Colour Block Outfit Is Custom Made For Monday Blues & We Want One ASAP

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  Apr 12, 2021
Anushka Sharma’s Colour Block Outfit Is Custom Made For Monday Blues & We Want One ASAP


Mondays are blah…Mondays are boring..and here we are again–yawning our ways through another dull, grey Monday. In fact, if we were to assign a fashion theme for every day of the week Mondays would be all about colour blocking. ‘Coz that’s the least that we need so as to energise our souls and power through the first day of the week.

Well, Anushka Sharma just took to Instagram to ease our Monday blues. She is helping us with a generous dose of colour blocking, the kind that is sure to lift your mood (and the day.) “Is happy Monday an oxymoron?” the actress’s caption reads. Well, a look at her vibrant outfit and we have to say that “Happy Mondays” are perhaps just a matter of attitude….err outfits! In case you have your reservations, here’s a lowdown on Anushka’s colour block outfit that is sure to leave you fully convinced. 

Colour Blocking Done Right! Anushka Sharma’s Uplifting Monday Separates


Nothing against your trusty LBD or that sharp grey pantsuit, but sometimes it’s just nice to take a break and indulge in some colour play. Think of it this way–a colour block outfit is like a fascinating childhood story that is hard to turn away from. That’s why we highly recommend a heavy-duty colour block outfit on days when you feel dull. Mondays obviously reigning supreme on most people’s shiz-list. 

Now, in case you are scared of dabbling in too much colour, Anushka’s outfit is one to take some fashion inspiration from. When it comes to colour block outfits, you can never go wrong with solids and Anushka seems to have gotten that just right. For her vibrant Monday look, the actress paired solid azure blue pants with a jade green tank top and the combination is working great. 

It is in the accessory department that Anushka has upped the stakes and opted for brighter hues to provide vibrant pops of colour. Especially on our fashion radar are her yellow sneakers! Don’t miss out on her red vinyl danglers either! Notice, how the look has been conceptualised to keep the loudest colour at a minimum through colour-pop accessories? Well, that’s your cue for weather-appropriate colour blocking! Start with your garments and go for conventional contrasts that do not hurt the eye. Then build on the blocking through accessories and go as wild as you can in that department. That’s it. That’s how you colour block on a summery Monday like a boss!

Just in case you are contemplating some colour blocking for your upcoming Monday, we suggest a pop of pink for your lips as well!

So fam, all set to tackle the upcoming Monday with a glorious burst of colours? Go ahead and do it, you have our blessings!

Featured Image: Instagram