Anushka Sharma Opens Up About Her ‘Awful’ Pregnancy Struggles & We Can’t Help But Applaud Her

Ravina SachdevRavina Sachdev  |  Nov 12, 2021
Anushka Sharma Opens Up About Her ‘Awful’ Pregnancy Struggles & We Can’t Help But Applaud Her


Anushka Sharma, who welcomed her first baby early this year, is one of the few celebs who has been quite honest about her pregnancy journey right from the start. She’d earlier spoken about the hardships of carrying a baby, including the smells that revolted her in her third trimester. We’ve been waiting for her to open up about her entire journey and well, she just did. The PK actress recently got candid on her pandemic learnings, pregnancy days and her postpartum body and we can’t help but feel inspired. 

In a recent interview, Anushka revealed that the initial months of her pandemic pregnancy were ‘awful’ and she was glad to have her husband beside her. The actress also opened up about being a different person after the birth of her child. She said, “It’s true when people say that nothing prepares you for parenthood. You just have to nosedive into it. I remember being afraid initially and wondering if I wouldn’t like being a mother, but I feel like I’ve grown a lot as a person since I’ve had my baby.” The actress mentioned that she finds herself more strong, brave and sure of herself today. 

Furthermore, being in an industry where celebs are often judged by their appearances, Anushka revealed that she was afraid of the pressure on her to look a certain way. “Despite being somebody who is fairly self-aware, I was worried,” she shared honestly. Anushka added that her body is not as it used to be but she’s working towards it because she likes to be fit. She said, “Having said that, I am so much more comfortable in my skin today than I was before, even when I had that ‘perfect body’.” We totes agree with Anushka! 


She also spoke about not getting to celebrate her baby shower with her friends and family and jokingly added that she was even ready to host one for herself! Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions, her godh-bharai ceremony was a low-key affair with only her immediate family members in attendance.

Lastly, the Ae Dil Hai Mushkil actress shared that the pandemic has taught her to live in the moment. “I used to be somebody who loved to plan and prepare everything in life, but when you’re thrown curveballs, you just have to take things as they come.” She explained that one can’t plan too far ahead with a baby. 

Well, we’re glad that Anushka opened up about her pregnancy and motherhood journey and we’re sure it’s going to inspire plenty of mothers-to-be out there. Way to go, Anushka. 

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