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‘Stop It Right Now’ Warns An Angry Anushka Sharma After Paparazzi Invade Her Privacy

‘Stop It Right Now’ Warns An Angry Anushka Sharma After Paparazzi Invade Her Privacy

Even a passing mention of the word ‘covidiots’ and my mind instantly goes back to August. The image is clear: Rhea Chakraborty’s father being mobbed by paparazzi right outside their resident amid the pandemic peak in India. Well, such is the pap culture fam, not just in India but everywhere across the world. In fact, from Britney Spears to Chris Brown, the paps have effectively ruined many careers with their endless snooping and stalking. 

And while on most days celebs might still be gracious enough to smile and wave, there are times when they snap especially when the paps go on encroaching upon their privacy. Something similar happened with Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli recently after the two were snapped by a pap having breakfast on their balcony. The two clearly were having a private moment and had no idea that they were being observed and clicked. 

This isn’t of course the first time that something like this happened and while Anushka might have kept mostly mum all this while, she clearly wasn’t in the mood of having any of this yesterday. Shortly after the image was posted online, Anushka reshared the same and called out the publication house and the pap for the invasion of her privacy. As it turns out, the very same pap has been warned by the couple before and clearly didn’t pay any heed to the warning. “Despite requesting the said photographer and the publication, they still continue to invade our privacy. Guys! Stop this right now,” Anushka wrote in her Instagram story. 


As you must be well aware, Anushka is currently pregnant and is literally being followed by paps everywhere she goes. And while it might be flattering on some days, we can totally tell that it is sure to get on her nerves as well. That said, anyone who has seen what can be best called the ‘Taimur phenomenon’ knows that it has all the potential of getting crazier for Anushka. 

In fact, 4-years-old Taimur has already started getting miffed by the constant paps. It was just last month that he was seen resisting the media while he kept screaming “not allowed” during an outing with his mom who is also pregnant at the moment. Honestly, we are worried that with so many celeb babies on their way, the pap culture in India is about to take a turn for the uglier and good that Anushka is trying to draw a line right here. Here’s hoping that the paps pay heed to the warning!

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Featured Image: Instagram 

07 Jan 2021

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