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Splitsvilla For The Love School Hosts? Anusha Dandekar Reacts To Breakup Rumours

Splitsvilla For The Love School Hosts? Anusha Dandekar Reacts To Breakup Rumours

Otherwise regarded as an extremely private person, VJ Anusha Dandekar took to Instagram to clear the air about her and boyfriend Karan Kundra‘s breakup rumours. The couple has been going out for six years now, have been in a live-in relationship, and keep posting pictures with each other on social media. However, since the lockdown, the two have not been featuring on each other’s social media feed, something which has been feeding the gossip mills even when all of us have bigger, graver concerns to attend to right now.  

Despite all the breakup speculations, while both Anusha and Karan have kept mum all this while, it was a message from an unknown person that really ticked her off. Extremely distressed by the lack of consideration shown by the person who went on directly asking the question even without introducing themselves, she also shared a screenshot of the message she received. Here’s the picture:


Extremely angered with the act, Anusha lashed out on the person in her Instagram stories as she wrote, “Imagine me messaging you without introducing myself and expecting a reply during the hardest days the world is going through! Not okay!” She further added “We are in the middle of a pandemic and I would never even bother to react to this, I would normally ignore this but this is just insanely not ok! #blocked.”

In her stories, Anusha also addressed another person who could have possibly spread the rumour about her relationship without naming them. “And just one more thing before I go to sleep… I know l am being way more vocal than usual but l am tired of people thinking my silence and kindness is weakness… l know who has gone to the press with this so-called information… it’s sad that even In this devastating world crisis you wanted to make a spectacle of someone’s life…I hope you realise how you are choosing to live your life… You are not my friend but the question is, are you a friend of anyone’s… or just forever self-serving… Hope you find your peace,” she wrote. 

As the gossip mills rife with the rumours of the MTV Love School hosts breaking up, as per a media report, while Anusha is at her home right now, Karan happens to be in Mumbai with his nephew. That actually clears the air about their relationship explains why the two are not showing up as much on each other’s timeline as they usually do. Also, it was just earlier in February that the two actually launched a clothing label together.


However, break-up or no break-up, currently as the world goes through a tough time together, the least that we can do is show some grace to each other instead of fishing for gossip and distressing news based on somebody else’s pain. We can all do this much. We can all be humans, right?

Featured Image: Instagram


16 Apr 2020

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