Anusha Dandekar On Joining Ex Bf Karan Kundrra In Bigg Boss 15 & Here’s Everything We Know

ShivaniShivani  |  Oct 20, 2021
Anusha Dandekar On Joining Ex Bf Karan Kundrra In Bigg Boss 15 & Here’s Everything We Know


For a while now, rumour mills have been in overdrive with the reports of Anusha Dandekar’s participation in Bigg Boss 15. Given that her ex-boyfriend and television actor Karan Kundrra is already in the house, everyone was hoping to see them together once again. 

However, it appears that the diva has no plans to enter the Bigg Boss house. The VJ took to Instagram to make her stance clear.

She wrote, “This is my life, my home is where i am happy. If someone or something isn’t making me happy, I walk away. It takes me a lot but I’m getting better at doing it faster. I used to do it expressing so much to the person, now I have learnt to leave most of it in silence. But if I don’t know you or I’ve realised you weren’t who you said you were, it’s better to leave it & carry on with my journey.”

Credit: Instagram

The Love School host added, “So again this is my life, my happy place. And for the love of god please stop this nonsense about me going on Bigg Boss to fill some page in an article, to stir up some more drama, which I’m not even a part of. I told you my truth, every quote or picture I post now is not about my past, it’s about MY growth! This is about ME!”

In the same caption, Anusha asked people to stop undermining her achievements as a self-made woman. She emphasised on the fact that she is the boss of her own life and she doesn’t need to be in a house to prove this.

The model concluded the note with, “So sleep easy the people that are so Thank you obsessed with it. Thank you to all of you who just let me live and spread happiness”

Interestingly, before going to the Bigg Boss house, Karan mentioned that he has no problem with Anusha being on the show. He said, “I have no problem with it. In fact, hum saath mein rahe hain (we have lived together). I know her very well.”

Well, we respect Anusha’s decision, you do you gurl!

Feature Image: Instagram