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Anuj-Anupama Are Finally Getting Hitched & We Can’t Stop Obsessing Over Their Shaadi Looks

Anuj-Anupama Are Finally Getting Hitched & We Can’t Stop Obsessing Over Their Shaadi Looks

Indian daily soaps are infamous for pulling ridiculous stunts right before their protagonists’ weddings and disappointing their viewers. We were prepared for something similar to happen with Anupama as well. After all, everything that could go wrong in a Hindi serial’s shaadi, did go wrong in Anupama and Anuj’s nuptials as well. Anu’s father-in-law’s health deteriorated, Anuj’s sister left for the USA at the last moment, and Baa and Vanraj continued with their evil schemes. As viewers, we kinda thought that the makers would create a new drama and cancel #MaAn’s wedding. But pheww, we can all relax in peace now because shaadi toh ho rahi hai!

Yes, it’s happening. Anuj and Anupama are finally getting married and there will be no new twist in the story. The upcoming promo of the show has revealed that Anuj will be arriving with his baraat at his to-be bride’s place soon. Anupama will be waiting for him as a stunning dulhan and a bunch of social media pages have already shared pics from their wedding rituals. Take a look at these gorgeous clicks:

Anupama As The Unconventional Bride


Rupali Ganguly, who plays Anupama on the show, has shared her bridal look on her Instagram handle and OMG, she looks so beautiful. The leading lady has proved time and again that she’s not the toxic bahu that Indian daily soaps like to glorify. She divorced her husband after several decades of their marriage. Anupama is an unconventional bride and her dulhan trousseau—a white and red saree—proves the same. Her polki jewellery is adding chaar chand to the look and we’re loving it.

Gaurav Chopra As The Ideal Groom

Gaurav Chopra, who plays the character of Anuj, has also shared his first look as a groom on his ‘Gram. He has donned a red sherwani, green safa and looks absolutely dapper.


Netizens Going Gaga For All The Right Reasons

Anuj and Anupama are one of the cutest couples on TV and for all the right reasons. They have mutual respect for each other, love one another unconditionally and believe in equality. Netizens were waiting for their union for the longest time and now it’s finally happening. Obviously, they are going gaga over the wedding pics and we totes see why.

A Royal Wedding Indeed


We Waited So Long For This


The Ideal Family? Well, Almost!


We cannot wait to see Anuj and Anupama start a new chapter of their lives already.

Featured Image: Instagram

18 May 2022

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