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How To Stop Hair From Falling? Add These 6 Haircare Essentials To Your Routine

How To Stop Hair From Falling? Add These 6 Haircare Essentials To Your Routine

Losing hair is probably the most worrisome thing that can happen to anybody. Not only do you notice your hair density reducing, you also find horrifying reminders of hair fall as numerous strands are always on the floor or your pillowcase. You definitely don’t deserve to go through that. If hair loss is getting out of hand, try tweaking your haircare routine with products that actually target this concern effectively. The key lies in scalp care and strengthening formulas that improve hair elasticity.

We’ve listed out some of the best hair fall control products that will put a stop to falling strands and breakage with regular use so that you can kiss the whole hair loss situation goodbye for good.

6 Hair Fall Control Treatment Products To Kiss Hair Loss Goodbye


Onion To The Rescue

Red onion is an age old remedy for strengthening hair and boosting hair growth. That’s why this red onion infused shampoo is so amazing. It strengthens the hair follicles while cleaning the scalp and it also improves hair elasticity and adds shine. It has a volumising effect on the mane and maintains the ideal pH balance of the scalp so that your locks can grow long and strong. Additionally infused with curry leaf, fenugreek seeds, bhringraj, and jojoba oil, your hair will get just the right treatment it deserves.

Home Remedy Revival

Bhringraj and amla are time tested ingredients in the haircare game that you shouldn’t miss out on and this shampoo has them both. It hones the power of these natural ingredients to leave your hair strengthened and healthy with reduced hair fall. The formula lathers up nicely and invigorates the scalp but doesn’t strip it of moisture. It in fact offers ideal nourishment that boosts hair growth and adds enviable lustre. Even though this shampoo boasts of ayurvedic ingredients, it also contains Argan oil which is gold standard for healthy hair.

Damage Control

If you’re experiencing hair fall and breakage due to chemical damage, you need this shampoo in your haircare routine. It has a gentle formula that keeps your hair super soft and smooth while eliminating impurities from the scalp. It has almond oil and argan oil to deeply condition strands and make them smooth while vitamin B3 effectively works on the scalp to prevent hair fall. This formula also helps keep your scalp dandruff-free as it has invigorating ingredients like lavender essential oil and tea tree essential oil.

The Root Cause

Dandruff can cause hair fall too! And if that’s the case, this hair mask can come to your rescue. Enriched with tea tree, it soothes an itchy scalp and gets rid of dandruff flakes. Unlike regular hair masks, this one is supposed to be applied from root to tip. This means it not only treats your hair at the root but also nourishes your lengths as well. Using this mask will help reduce hair fall and also improve hair strength so that there is no breakage. It has peppermint oil which gives a cooling sensation and other anti hair fall heroes like ginger and rosemary essential oil for complete anti dandruff and anti hair fall care.

Therapeutic Treat

Oiling your hair is always a great idea if you wish to nip hair fall in the bud. And this natural hair oil is just the ticket. It contains redensyl which is a clinically proven component that banishes hair fall by strengtheing the roots. Featuring sweet almond oil, black seed oil, and ginseng oil, this formula gives your mane all the nourishment it needs to prevent hair loss and boost hair growth. Bonus: it makes your mane extra soft, thick and shiny post hair wash.

Take A Break From Breakage

As the name suggests, this hair mask is all about putting a stop to hair fall for good. It prevents breakage and improves hair elasticity so that your locks are thick and bouncy. The formula is super hydrating and it also prevents splitends so that your hair stays long and healthy. The RootBioTec technology in this mask ensures hair fall is reduced effectively with regular use and your mane looks more voluminous and healthy.

Give these anti hair fall products a try and watch your mane thrives. Hair loss will be a thing of the past with these haircare essentials by your side.

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24 Jun 2022

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