10 AMAZING Gift Ideas For Every Milestone In Your Marriage!

Manasvi JaitlyManasvi Jaitly  |  Jun 6, 2017
10 AMAZING Gift Ideas For Every Milestone In Your Marriage!


Do you love surprising your husband…just like that?! Well then, we have some super ideas to make him feel extra special. How about celebrating every milestone of your relationship and not just the wedding anniversary. Sounds like an exciting thing to do, especially during the first year of marriage, right?! Here are 10 relationship milestones and anniversary gifts to give on these special dates.

1. The first *romantic* date


Whether it’s an arranged or love marriage, we’re sure you remember your first official date. And as a newly married couple, you totally must celebrate this day. Surprise him with a romantic dinner at the same restaurant. Leave a nice, crisp new shirt on the bed with a note that says, ‘Let’s recreate that romantic night. See you at 8!’

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2. The roka/ engagement anniversary


Now this is one date you both will never forget. And it’ll always be just as important as the wedding day itself. After all, this is when it all became official! While a real gold or diamond ring might be a little too expensive, you can always get you and your hubby matching love bands to mark the day. Maybe even get it engraved with your initials?!

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3. When you both first kissed!


Who ever forgets the first kiss. And don’t you agree that you need to celebrate your first kiss with your hubby?! It’ll be such an adorable thing to do. And the gift doesn’t have to be elaborate. Give him a nice, big wet kiss on the mouth and present him with an adorable kissing couple keychain. He’ll love it!

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4. When he or you first said ‘I Love You!’


Of course you both remember the day you both professed your love for each other. And we’re sure it’s such a sweet memory. Relive that day and the same feeling by declaring just how much you love him…once again! A big teddy hug early in the morning with a cute little gift. How about a pack of playing cards with ‘Reasons I Love You’ on each card?!

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5. The day he formally proposed to you for marriage!


Does that day still give you butterflies in the tummy?! We’re sure you remember every tiny detail of the day. How he went down on one knee and declared his love for you. Well, on the anniversary of the wedding proposal, do just the same for him. Only this time, it can be with a beautiful gold foil rose. Surprise him with a romantic dinner and let him know just how much you love him.

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6. The first time you made love anniversary


Oooh… now this sounds fun! The day you two first made love. It could’ve been your wedding night, days before or even days after it. And the day sure is super special for both of you. In the first year of your marriage, you totally should celebrate the day. And what better than gifting him a pair of sexy briefs! Oh and do leave a note that reads, ‘Let’s spice things up in bed tonight’. *Wink*

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7. The first ‘meeting the family’ anniversary


Remember the first time you met his parents or he met yours? Or probably the day the parents finally met each other… Must’ve been a day to remember! Mark the special occasion by taking all the parents out for a fancy dinner. An exotic spread at Mainland China sounds like a great plan!

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8. The first month of marriage anniversary


Completed one month of a happy married life? Congratulations girl! The first month of marriage deserves to be celebrated. And we’ve found the quirkiest, most fun gift for you. A set of two beer mugs to kickstart the celebrations. And you have to see what’s written on the mugs!

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9. The first married couple fight


Did you just have your first married couple fight? Well, since we believe that every first is important, there is no reason for you not to celebrate this milestone too. Pamper him with a gift pack of a beard wash, hair wax, beard softener and a mooch and beard oil. It’ll be the sweetest sorry ever!

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10. The wedding anniversary


The most special occasions of all… Your first year anniversary. You’ve waited an entire year for this day to arrive and we’re pretty sure you have big plans too. But if you’re still wondering what to gift him, a stylish new watch makes for the perfect wedding anniversary gift.

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Go girl, start shopping!