Anita Hassanandani Opens Up About Battling Depression & Our Heart Is Breaking

KanupriyaKanupriya  |  Nov 9, 2021
Anita Hassanandani Opens Up About Battling Depression & Our Heart Is Breaking


Anita Hassanandani is one of the most loved actresses in the television industry and she creates magic with every character she plays. From acing the role of an evil wife in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein to a mesmerising shape-shifting cobra in Naagin, the actress has impressed us time and again with her talent. But, like every other success story, Anita has faced some major hardships in her life that almost broke her spirits.

The actress recently opened up about the early stage of her career when she faced several failures that affected her mental health. She penned down a heartfelt note for her husband, Rohit Reddy, and close friend, Ekta Kapoor, on her Instagram handle and thanked them for always supporting her. Honestly, this beautiful bond of friendship is warming our hearts and giving us major #BFFGoals.

Anita shared a pic on her ‘Gram with Rohit and Ekta and wrote in the caption, “Ekta!!! You are a prototype of every strong female character you ever created. You are a true friend and an incredibly strong-willed woman. All these years of friendship have culminated into an indispensable relationship, the one where we could do anything for each other with no questions asked.”

The actress rose to fame with the daily soap, Kabhii Sautan Kabhii Sahelii, which was produced by Ekta in 2001. They collaborated again in 2003 when the producer cast her in the movie, Kucch To Hai, and later in several other TV shows.

Anita thanked Ekta for giving her a fresh start in her career and called her a ‘guardian angel’. She wrote, “I remember those days when I was young, hungry for work but clueless about everything. I was bitterly affected by my early failures but then you came into my life. You not only helped me fight depression but also gave me a new start. That’s one of the millions of things I have learned from you, to never give up. That’s why even on rough days, I feel secure because of you my guardian angel.”


The Naagin actress called the producer an integral part of her family and wrote, “Calling Ekta a friend is an understatement. She is a part of my family and she is my Niyati.”

This is not the first time when these besties have made us emotional with their bond. They often share beautiful notes on their social media handles and express their love for each other. Last year, Ekta threw a gorgeous baby shower party for Anita and TBH, that’s the kind of friendship we all need in our lives—the one that stands the test of time and supports us in our good and bad phases.

The ladies were recently seen together on the set of Bigg Boss 15 where the producer announced the release of Naagin 6. We hope that the actress reprises her role on the show once again and gives us another stellar performance!

Featured Image: Instagram