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Hear Me Roar: Animal Print Nail Art Is All The Rage RN & We’ve Got The Best Designs

Hear Me Roar: Animal Print Nail Art Is All The Rage RN & We’ve Got The Best Designs

As far as trends go, the resurgence of animal-print wasn’t totally unexpected. We’ve seen animal-print patterns pop up every autumn, so perhaps it was only a matter of time before it came full circle onto our feeds. But before you go off running to blow up your recent paycheck for the sake of fashion, we recommend dipping your fingers in first because animal print manicure seems to be on the brink of true beauty omnipresence. We are calling it: Modern animal print nail art is going to be this season’s sexiest mani style.

Animal print manicure is the ultimate neutral that can go with anything, and – bonus – it can add a little extra interest to your outfit. It’s the playful, extraverted, autumn-ready update you didn’t know your mani needed. So in the true sense of sharing, we’ve scoured our favourite Instagram feeds to uncover iconic-looking manicures that will be It for autumn 2021. From snow leopard spots to chic brown tortoiseshell designs, find your guide to the best animal-print manicures, ahead.

7 Trendy Animal Print Nail Art Designs To Save For Your Next Trip To The Salon

Keep scrolling, and prepare to open new tabs of stylish statement nails. 

Perf For Minimalist Folks

While colourful, unabashedly bold nail designs are certainly not a new thing in the beauty sphere, it’s the eye-catching minimal nail designs that are gaining traction at the moment. So if you’re a minimalist at heart, a dinky cheetah Frenchie might be more your bag. 

The Wonderfully Fresh Iteration

It’s hard not to be obsessed with this neon leopard nail trend. You’ll need a nail art brush set and find a few different nein polish shades to create these bright-hued spots. Seal the deal with a glossy top coat and you’re good to go!

To Make A Statement

Tortoiseshell nail art is an autumn staple. Ultra glossy and ultra neat finish will keep them feeling modern, plus you can add extra accents like a shot of silver lines to take it up a notch. For pure autumn vibes, stick to those delicious spiced hues and get ready to rake in compliments. 

For A Fashion-Forward Look

One of the best things about the cowhide nail look is how deceptively simple it is. Unlike the total precision required to nail even a basic French, minute imperfections will only add to your spotted look in this case. It’s uber-versatile, effortless and an edgy way to update your basic mani. For max autumn vibe, stick to white and shades of brown.

For An Elevated Style

Another minimalist design? Yes? Well, a classic milky pink with a low-key kick is the perfect manicure to call on if you look keeping up with the trends but don’t want something OTT. Thanks to the white print overlays that makes this style equal parts chic and contemporary.

Perf For Trendsetters

If you’re a trendsetter, you’ll probably know that the reverse French mani is set to be a banger this autumn. All you have to do is cuff your cuticles with a half-moon print. And, if you want to go extra, colour your tip in, too. Think bright hues like orange, moss, or burgundy to complement your arty manicure. And you’ve got yourself an adorably chic design.

Leopard Print For Celeb-Esque Vibe

How to make a leopard print look both sexy and classic? Update a trad Frenchie with the print in a neutral colour. This sultry leopard print with a pointed stiletto shape is pretty powerful and is perf for folks who love making a statement wherever they go. 

Bookmark these styles to show to your trusty manicurist!

Featured Image: Instagram

16 Sep 2021

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