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They Called Me Flat Screen: Ananya Panday On How Bullying Took A Toll On Her Self-Esteem

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  Mar 8, 2021
They Called Me Flat Screen: Ananya Panday On How Bullying Took A Toll On Her Self-Esteem


Bade din baad mile beta, thoda weight put on kar liya hai na? Are beta dhoop mein kam jaya karo, dekho skin kitni dull ho gayi hai! Ohho, ab yeh pimples kaise ho gaye?

It’s weird how okay and normal it is considered in our society to comment on somebody else’s body and appearances. As brown children, so many of us grow up hearing endless jokes, jibes and taunts about our bodies from friends and family. It’s sad that they don’t ever take a pause and reflect on how much damage it can actually do to someone’s confidence and self-esteem. 

Also, you are gravely mistaken if you think that it is only people with a certain body type or skin colour who get bullied for their appearances. In fact, in a recent interview with an entertainment portal, actress Ananya Panday talked about how she was constantly slim-shamed while growing up and was mocked for her body hair. 

She shared during the interview, “People used to say I look like a boy, flat screen. At that time it did hurt because those are the years where you are forming your self-confidence. You are learning to love yourself and someone else is pulling you down then you really start doubting yourself.”

Ananya further shared she was called names like “toothpick legs” and “chicken legs.” “I used to be very hairy and had a lot of hair on my arms and legs. They used to make fun of that,” she added. Of course, the criticism did take a toll on her and messed with her confidence. However, it was her “girl gang” and a very strong group of friends who helped her power through it all and kept her confident.


The actress says that it is because of the strong support system that today she doesn’t pay much heed to all the body-shaming and trolling that she continues being subjected to. “Now, I am reaching a point where I am focusing on accepting myself. If that is sorted and that is my foundation then nothing can hurt me since I am at peace with myself and I love myself. I am not saying it has happened. It is an ongoing process but I feel this realisation is more important than what anyone else says,” she shares. 

Well, the fact of the matter is that we as a society enjoy practicing control on people’s bodies which becomes all the more sinister in case you are a woman. But wouldn’t it be better if for a change we took a step back, look at the absolute ludicrousness of it all, and understand that no good is coming out of this constant commentary on appearances?

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