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An Open Letter To Sajid Khan, The ‘Raja’ Of The Bigg Boss 16 House

An Open Letter To Sajid Khan, The ‘Raja’ Of The Bigg Boss 16 House

Dear Sajid Khan, 

Please don’t expect me to call you Sajid Sir because that really won’t be possible. I know you came to Bigg Boss 16 to “clear your image” and prove to the world that you’re not as bad as others have portrayed. You’re correct, because you’re actually worse. Your goody-two-shoes persona has worn thin, and we’re finally seeing the real Sajid Khan, albeit in flashes. You won the captaincy task and were named raja of the house last week. Isn’t a Raja supposed to lead his praja in the right direction and treat all of them equally?

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You’ve always termed yourself as “fair” but last night, we all witnessed your fairness. I understand that Abdu Rozik has a soft spot in your heart but as a sanchalak at least you could’ve pretended to play fair. You cancelled every task that Ankit Gupta asked Abdu to do. Drinking an entire bottle of water in five minutes cannot affect someone’s medical condition, Sajid! TBH, I understand why Ankit chose to quit the task. At least the poor guy maintained his cool throughout. And whether you like to hear it or not, Sajid you ARE a cheater. 


You forced Gori Nagori to wash your clothes for weeks until she saw your true colours. Even as captain, you were delegating your responsibilities to Shiv Thakare and Nimrit Kaur. But you know what? I’m not mad at you. I’m mad at the other contestants. Why are they giving you a special treatment?  

While you may believe that you are the house pacifier who ends most fights, you are sometimes the source of the problems in the first place. For example, shamelessly smoking in the open when there is a smoking room. Since the housemates have already elevated you to the position of authority, the least you can do is lead by example. Even after Bigg Boss chastised you for smoking in public, you refused to apologise. Your exact words were, “Why should I apologise? You guys must be controlled smokers but I am a smoker and I need to smoke.”

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I believe the only way out of this is for the other contestants to finally learn to stand up to you. But you’ve somehow intimidated them to the point where they’re afraid to disagree with you. You’re no more the raja of the house. So get out if the act! 


Someone who refuses to be a part of your Praja

Feature Image: Colors TV

22 Nov 2022

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