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An Open Letter To Priyanka Chahar Choudhary, The ‘Jagat Mata’ Of Bigg Boss 16 

An Open Letter To Priyanka Chahar Choudhary, The ‘Jagat Mata’ Of Bigg Boss 16 

Dear Priyanka Chahar Choudhary, 

It’s best that I communicate with you via a letter since you never let anyone else speak in person. I’m hoping you can get to the end of this letter without making a mudda out of it. Priyanka, you may be the nicest and most selfless person on the planet but when you keep saying it on repeat mode, it kinda negates those qualities. Well, because all we see is a self-proclaimed, “jagat mata” who refuses to admit she is wrong. Perhaps being a little modesty would benefit you.


We understand that you cannot bear seeing something wrong happening in front of your eyes, but this quality of yours is making it difficult for us to bear with you. There is a difference between standing up for what is right and simply interfering. For example, you made the fight between MC Stan and Shalin all about you! Actually, you centre everything on yourself. Remember when Nimrit and fam simply came to wish Ankit on his birthday and you assumed they did that to poke you? Get over yourself, Priyanka!

I didn’t see any fear in your eyes when your friend Archana grabbed Shiv by the neck, despite your claim that physical violence scares you. That amounts to double standards. Speaking of double standards, I’m sure you recall the “Change Abdu, For Abdu” task in which you played the role of the sanchalak. Didn’t you change the rules for your group to win? So why is it such a big deal when others do the same? You’ve been blessed with a loud and clear voice, so use it wisely and not to sabotage others.

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The Bigg Boss house can sometimes be a little too much to handle, so it’s always to get through it with a close friend. You’re fortunate to have Ankit accompanying you on this bittersweet journey. But every now and then, I feel sorry for the poor guy. We all have certain expectations from our friends, but I’m not sure what you expect from him. You yell at him if he speaks up for you, and you yell at him if he doesn’t. What do you want? 

He simply brought you a cup of coffee and you even twisted that into something vile and vicious. Also, we’re sick of hearing your “Main hi sab karti hu tere liye Anki” rant. Nobody asked you to, Priyanka! Ankit has never asked you to advocate for him. On the contrary, it has always been you who has put pressure on him to take a stand for you. Allow the man to live in peace. TBH, Ankit deserves credit for remaining calm throughout all of your tantrums.

So, dear “jagat mata,” it’s time to rest your vocal cords and start thinking before you act. Not everyone has Ankit’s level of tolerance, and I’ve almost reached my saturation point with you.



A modest BB fan.

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24 Nov 2022

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