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An Easy-Peasy Guide on How to Make Your Outfits More Interesting!

Urmi DagaUrmi Daga  |  May 6, 2016


Living with fun unlocks the fullness of life. It turns enough into more, denial into acceptance, chaos into order and confusion into clarity. It can turn a meal into feast, a house into home and a stranger into friend. And it can turn your boring, everyday outfit into an interesting one that gets people talking!

Here is our super-easy guide on how you can dress up your casuals for everyday wear. Just follow one of these guidelines to make it easier for you to chose your outfit. Think what will you make your statement with today. Think good about yourself and think how differently are your going to wear your regular denims and t-shirt.

1. Add colour and quirk

No matter how dull and drab an outfit is, you can make it lively by adding some pops of colour to it.

how to make your outfits more interesting

2. Accessorize well

If you are wearing a basic T-shirt, it doesn’t mean you are at your worst today. Accessorize well – whether it’s with simple and minimal layering, or chunky bracelets on your wrists, or with funky hair accessories.

how to make your outfits more interesting

3. Let Your Feet Do The Talking!

Slip-ons, lace-ups, Converse, Birkenstocks, metallic footwear – these are major statements in themselves. Wearing them with your everyday casuals – be it with a maxi dress or shorts – will make you stand out.

how to make your outfits more interesting

4. Add character to your face

Try something new every day. Whether you want to play up the “girl next door” look, or just be “cool” with statement sunnies – try reflectors, aviators, John Lennon frames. Or even put on a pair of basic black frames for the geek chic look.

how to make your outfits more interesting

5. Make way for a statement bag

Let go of that age-old “lucky charm” bag that you have been using since 10th grade! We know you love it, but time to try out new stuff. Get hold of some unusual bags – the numbered ones that will make heads turn, or a metallic number, or a studded sling bag, or a cute and quirky backpack. We are sure you’ll love it when you do it!

how to make your outfits more interesting

6. Change your mood every single day!

Being the same every day is kinda boring and gets monotonous. So try some new moods daily: from being girly to trying androgyny, from playing the rock-chic girl to being the bubbly one! Trust us, it will transform your look.

how to make your outfits more interesting

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