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Kasautii Zindagii Kay Takes an Eight-Year Leap & Mr Bajaj 2.0 Is too Hot To Handle!

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Takes an Eight-Year Leap & Mr Bajaj 2.0 Is too Hot To Handle!

Fans of Ekta Kapoor’s daily soap Kasautii Zindagii Kay witnessed a spine-chilling plot twist recently with Anurag killing Prerna. The show took an eight-year leap after #AnuNePreKoKyonMaara episode. Of course, the writers had to introduce a new plot twist otherwise how will they stay afloat in the world of rising TRPs. Looks like, the makers and writers got tired of kidnappings and plastic surgeries. So what new can they bring to the show? They decide to take a leap (dhoom-ta-na-na is literally playing in my head RN). 

So the plot has undergone some changes and looks of all the leading characters have got a dramatic makeover. The new Prerna seems fiercer than ever (oh you thought she is dead..c’mon people it’s Indian telly), Anurag 2.0 is sharp and handsome and Mr. Bajaj– well he is aging like a fine wine!

Then Vs Now: Lead Cast’s Transformation

Here’s a quick look at how your favourite characters looked before vs now.



Woaah! Just look at her! Fierce and sharp expressions, a new hairdo, light brown streaks and a spark of determination in her eyes– new Prerna aka Erica Fernandes is on fire! The makers of the show have also given a modern touch to her clothes as you can now see Prerna clad in a formal pantsuit for the first time on the show. 

Mr. Bajaj


Mr. Bajaj (played by Karan Singh Grover) is looking even much better. No more grey hair, guys! And his soft stubble is stealing our hearts! Even his wardrobe has undergone a change– we can see more colours now and not just shades of black and grey.

Anurag Basu


Anurag’s transformation seems major! From the earlier shy, coy boy to now sharp and sarcastic, Parth Samthaan is totally rocking the new look. He has also turned into a successful businessman and hence, his wardrobe is now filled with three-piece tuxedos and ties. Also, how can we miss that beard! Looks good on Anurag.



Drama, drama and too much drama! Komolika’s new look is quite fierce with a middle partition and slick bun. She’s done away with her belly-dancer look. She is now embracing heavy sarees, bindi and sindoor.


Besides the different looks that have been given to the characters, there are numerous twists that the plot has taken. Why did Anurag Kill Prerna? Is this Komolika’s new ploy? Will Prerna ever forgive Anurag for this betrayal? Is this the end of their love story? Will Mr. Bajaj and Prerna get back together forever? All these questions have been troubling the fans and they’ve come up with different theories. They are even comparing the plot to that of Baahubali.

Prerna Seeks Revenge!

And, while people are desperately waiting for the track to unfold further, what we know so far is that Mr. Bajaj comes to Prerna’s rescue after Anurag pushes her off Howrah Bridge. Bajaj later takes Prerna to London. Not just that, Prerna also learns that she has lost her child. Basus send the baby to an orphanage. Prerna, however, is determined to seek revenge from the Basus. Intrigued? Well, you have to wait and watch happens next!


Featured Image: Instagram

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04 Mar 2020

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