Hear Me Roar! 8 Amazing Traits Of The LEO Woman!

Sharon AlphonsoSharon Alphonso  |  May 5, 2016
Hear Me Roar! 8 Amazing Traits Of The LEO Woman!


Dear Leo girl, happy birthday month! You are a mixture of all things wonderful, and we hope the year is just as wonderful to you! You are strong, passionate and confident, lioness, and you touch people’s lives with your inspiring words and charismatic personality. Here are 8 amazing traits we LOVE about you. You go, wonderwoman!

1. You’re very straightforward

The lioness is not the one to mince her words. You speak only the truth, and you’re direct in her approach! If people ask for your advice feedback, you will always give them an honest opinion. And it’s because of this very honesty that people know they can always rely on you to figure out what’s the best thing to do in any given situation – they feel lucky to have you in their lives!

traits of leo

2. You’re a true friend

L is for Leo, and L is for loyalty! Your friends know that if you’re standing by their side, it means that you will never leave them. You always do whatever it takes to protect your friendship – it’s important to you, because you value their presence in your life. Whenever someone feels like they’re alone in this big world, all they need to do is give you a buzz to feel loved and secure!

traits of leo 2

3. You’re one helluva witty woman!

You know this, Leo – that you’ve always been equipped with intelligence and wit. You know what you’re talking about, and you know exactly how to win an argument! You often enjoy a healthy debate, and people can talk to you about ANYTHING under the sun, and you’ll always have an intelligent and informed answer – whether it’s celeb gossip or the latest in politics, you’re au fait with it all. You really do know your stuff, and there’s no way in hell that someone’s taking you for a ride!

traits of leo leo3

4. You adore all things fashionable

You understand fashion like no other – and know exactly how to work just the right trends to suit your own personal sense of style. And less face it, your personality is part of that style too! You’re always au courant about what’s happening, and when you walk, you make heads turn! You’re a stunner, and you know it!

traits of leo 4

5. Your flirting style? Classy!

You know EXACTLY how to catch your man’s attention! It’s your charismatic personality, of course, and your ability to tell a tale that both engages and encourages him to respond in kind! With your innate sex appeal, your fierce devotion and adventurous spirit, you not only make for a committed partner but also a fantastic lover!


6. You fight for what’s right

You care about everyone you love, and everyone you deem worthy of your protection. And heaven help those who try to injure them. You will fight and conquer until justice is served. No one messes with you, lioness!


7. You’re so ambitious!

When it comes to making career choices – and even life ones – you know how to play your cards just right. You dream high – and aim even higher! You’re not the kind of woman to let a good opportunity go – you will latch onto it and make sure you’ve made the most of it. You’re definition of success? Getting EXACTLY what you want!

leo 7

8. You’re super-sociable and outgoing

You’re truly loved by those who are lucky enough to know you! You know how to have a good conversation with just about anyone and make strong social connections. Don’t be surprised if you walk into a club and everyone knows you. That’s because you’re practically famous – you need no introduction because your vibe and personality do it for you!

leo 8

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