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Here’s How To Get Super-Pretty Feet – At HOME!

As much as we’d love to go for foot reflexology, most of us don’t really have that much moolah. Worry not, the key to clean, model-esque feet is not just a good salon professional but also a bit of hard work. Here are some quick tips you can try at home to give your guy a new fetish! foot care at home 1


1. Take it off

Stick to the basics by taking off your nail polish at least within 7 days. Remove a dark shade earlier to avoid staining your toenails. A quick tip to take out leftover nail paint is to use a Q-tip dipped in nail polish remover on the edges of your nail bed. Popxo Recommends: Lakme Nail Color Remover (Rs 64)

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2. E for Exfoliate

To get rid of dead skin and dirt, use a small toothbrush with medium hard bristles with lemon zest on your nails in circular motions. You can even use a bit of medium granule sea salt or brown sugar foot scrub. Do this for about 3 to 5 minutes, and rinse off with warm water. Popxo Recommends: Vedic Line Choco Deli Sugar Scrub (Rs 180) foot care at home 3

3. Cut and file

Now comes the time to trim your nails and file them to your liking. Keep a bigger nail cutter that you use solely for your toes as well as a disposable file. As you go about your toes, you can cut down your cuticles that are protruding out or push them back gently. P.S: If you’re only doing your nails, you’re almost done. Just apply some nail cream and you’re good to go. Leave your toenails overnight and colour them the next morning, if need be. Popxo Recommends: Sally Hansen Nails & Cuticles Hand Creme (Rs 490)

4. Soak it up

A great way to catch up on a magazine are those 15 minutes you soak your feet in hot water. We suggest adding Epsom salts at home since they are easily available at any pharmacy and are great to soothe your muscles and have exfoliating properties too. You can make most of this alone time by adding a few drops of your favourite essential oil to your hot water. Popxo Recommends: Aroma Treasures Lavender Essential Oil (Rs 147)

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foot care at home 2

5. Get working

It’s a good idea to use a pumice stone or a brush to get rid of hardened skin around your soles and heels. Just make sure you do so in smooth, circular motions to avoid reddened, inflamed skin. We prefer the Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedicure Electronic Foot File  because you only have to use a single device. A perfect choice for us lazy girls, the product is electronic and does most of the exfoliation on its own. It’s perfectly safe and stops working the minute you’re done! Popxo Recommends: Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedicure Electronic Foot File (Rs 2,025)

6. Moisturize!

Foot creams are great to hydrate and moisturize your skin as well as to keep any infections at bay. Use a foot salve or a foot and nail cream like Vedic Line Cuticle and Nail Cream. If you have cracked heels, use a foot cream designed for chapped skin, like Just Herbs Pedisoft Crack Cure Foot Cream (with Sal tree and Emetic nut extracts), or Kaya Foot Care Cream, which promises to treat corns and calluses. You could also just use coconut oil and put on a pair of old socks so that your feet can soak up all the moisture. Popxo Recommends: Vedic Line Cuticle and Nail Cream (Rs 175), Just Herbs Pedisoft Crack Cure Foot Cream (Rs 395),  Kaya Foot Care Cream (Rs 290) foot care at home 4

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7. Get Monsoon Ready

Humidity and rains can bring along disgusting problems like athlete’s foot and ringworms, or some nasty nail infections. If you wear closed shoes, then use an anti-bacterial, antifungal cream at night, like Neat Feet Athletic Foot Cream and The Body Shop Hemp Foot Protector. Popxo Recommends: Neat Feet Athletic Foot Cream (Rs 479), The Body Shop Hemp Foot Protector (Rs 2,979) Images: Shutterstock MUST-READ: How To Take Care Of Your Feet At Home MUST-READ: #Embarrassing: 5 Tricks To Keep Your Feet From Smelling!

05 May 2016

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