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9 Pictures That Will Make You Say ‘Yeh Mera India’

9 Pictures That Will Make You Say ‘Yeh Mera India’

It’s easy to dig up flaws and poke fun at everything that’s going wrong with our country, but it takes true insight to take a look at the valuable beauty that is India. From our culture and heritage to our steady fight for gender equality and justice, India certainly has come a long way from gaining her freedom in 1947, and these pictures are proof of the wonder that is our country!

1. The beauty queens that have reigned supreme

1 yeh mera india - miss worlds india

With Manushi Chhillar being the latest entry in the Miss World club from India, the women of our country have made us proud on a global scale when it comes to beauty pageants. Let’s also not forget Sushmita Sen, who went a step ahead and was crowned Miss Universe in 1994 – giving us all major goals in life!

2. Pioneers in the field of science

From discovering the number ‘zero’, and the launch of our first satellite Aryabhata into space, to the Mangalyaan mission by the Indian Space Research Organisation, the sky has truly been the limit for Indians in the field of science and technology. And we aren’t going to be stopping anytime soon!


3. Fighting for the equality of rights

Sure, we’re a little late to the party, but India has already taken several steps to work towards the recognition of the LGBTQ community and continually strives to work towards equality of all genders. And thanks to the Pride Parades that take place in Delhi and Mumbai annually, India is definitely making all the right choices to support the LGBTQ sections of society.

4. The powerful machine that is the Indian Railways

The fourth-largest railway network in the world by size, and carrying more than 13,000 passengers on a daily basis, the Indian railways are the lifeline that enables people to commute through cities and states and continues to be the most frequently used mode of transport for a large chunk of the population.

5. Festivals galore!

If you’ve managed to convince people around the world that Indian festivals are once-in-a-lifetime celebrations that you need to fly around the world for, and experience first hand, you know you’re a part of something bigger than ‘just’ our country. 

6. The birth of yoga

6 yeh mera india - yoga


Everyone is doing it now, but let’s not forget we were the ones who gifted yoga to the world, and of course, it comes as no surprise that even the most influential health practitioners swear by the practice for better, longer, and a more stress-free life!

7. Shattering records even in sports!

7 yeh mera india - sports

Cricket was definitely always our cup of tea, but in the recent times there have been such phenomenal sportspersons winning medals on a global platform, that India has been unstoppable in its achievements in the athletic arena – showing the world that we are a force to be reckoned with. 

8. Largest makers of movies every year!

8 yeh mera india - bollywood


Say what you may, but no one does movies and cinema like Indians do! Hollywood has got nothing when compared to the movies made by Bollywood, Tollywood, and even Mollywood (Malayalam movies) put together, and we are all major fanatics who can vouch for that fact!

9. Architecture so beautiful, it’s considered one of the wonders of the world

Kings, queens, presidents, and prime ministers of the world have come to India to see our natural and man-made structures that have mesmerised citizens of the world to no end. No matter how many times you’ve taken a look at it, our country really does give you goosebumps when you least expect it to!

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Images: India Today, Shutterstock, Deviant Art, Hindustan Times

29 Mar 2018

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