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10 Bags That Look SO Fabulous (And Fit Everything You Want!)

10 Bags That Look SO Fabulous (And Fit Everything You Want!)

We girls carry our world with us and sometimes there is absolutely nothing we can part ways with, even if we were given that option! To keep those items close to us, we rely on our bags that turn out to be our saviours and carry all that weight around and somehow find more space if needed! We have put together ten bags to end your woes about stuff not fitting in. Each one of you will find something that suits your personality! And for some, they are all total must-haves! Go pick!

1. The Printed Bowling Bag

handbags that fit everything

This piece right here is super helpful especially if you like to carry that extra jacket or scarf to keep you warm. The combination of leather and the Aztec print makes this one so pleasing to look at. It’s perfect for the girl who likes to go for something more compact!

Buy It Here: Paprika Multi PU Handbag (Rs 2,999)

2. The Nautical Stripes Bag

handbags that fit everything

Stripes and colour, that too in this shape, make this tote so very friendly. It’s simple yet so sweet-looking! The leather handles make this piece super-smart. We would love to make this our go-to bag, right?

Buy It Here: Yolo Tote Bag (Rs 979)

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3. The Neon Track Bag

handbags that fit everything

That vivid color with the contrasting black and white stripes makes this bag a complete show stopper! This one is for the girls who don’t want to fuss around with something delicate. Super strong and wonderfully bright, this bag will surely become synonymous with you if you carry it often!

Buy It Here: Nike Legend Track Tote (Rs 2,995)

4. The Ultra Colourful Bag

handbags that fit everything

For all of us who are multi-faceted and think in technicolour, this bag will become your best friend. The colours make you smile instantly and the textures are so warm that you can pretty much carry this with whatever outfit you like. It will surely sweeten your day!

Buy It Here: Multi Canvas Shopping Bag (Rs 2,499)

5. The Subtle Shiny Bag

handbags that fit everything

If you are the kind who likes to shine every day but not go OTT, this one is for you! The solid build, the chicness and the textured surface makes this bag totally lust-worthy! The brown handles lend a lot of character to this number – completely needed in the wardrobe!

Buy It Here: Avec Amour Contrast Strap Tote Bag (Rs 1,950)

6. The Floral Bag

handbags that fit everything

For all the pretty girls who love to blossom every day, this bag right here is our favorite pick for all times! Happy and oh-so summery, it will instantly take you to a better place. And the size is just perfect for you to carry when you are going shopping or to carry those notebooks to class!

Buy It Here: United Colors Of Bennetton Tote (Rs 1,046)

7. The Leather Backpack

handbags that fit everything

Not everyone wants to lug around a bag on their arms – a backpack that balances on the shoulders is the best option for those of us! Especially when it’s a brown leather one with little gold accents on it. Very spacious and with the right kind of pocket divisions, you need this one in your bag collection!

Buy It Here: Paris Belle Brown Backpack (Rs 1,699)

8. The Elegant Cream Big Bag

handbags that fit everything

When you just want to dump a million things into the bag and not worry about what you have to leave behind, get this bag! This shopper is tastefully stylish, very convenient and will blend well with most of your outfits! We are drooling over those little black highlights around the edges.

Buy It Here: Cream Bone Shopper Bag (Rs 1,080)

9. The Tan-Coloured Accented Bag

handbags that fit everything

A quintessential colour in your accessory cupboard is TAN. And when it is combined with some colourful accents, it makes us go yum! That tassel and those side-woven strips make this bag very desirable! A very apt size, we would love to carry this around!

Buy It Here: Multi Tan Tote Bag (Rs 2,159)

10. The Black Square Shaped Bag

handbags that fit everything

The classic black can never go wrong, and I’m sure we all have tonnes of these in our collection. What makes this bag different is the square shape. Carry this gorgeous piece on your arms and you will be pretty much ready to go anywhere. In fact, the added bonus is that no one will really know what all you are carrying around!

Buy It Here: Black Leather Handbag (Rs 1,849)

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05 May 2016

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