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10 Destinations For An AMAZING Honeymoon Plus New Year’s Trip!

Manasvi JaitlyManasvi Jaitly  |  Aug 24, 2016
10 Destinations For An AMAZING Honeymoon Plus New Year’s Trip!

It so happens that maximum weddings in India take place during the months of November and December. And that means most newlywed couples go in for a long honeymoon that also doubles up as the big New Year’s vacation. So if you’ve been spending hours trying to find a romantic location that also guarantees an amazing New Year’s, here it is. These 10 destinations are perfect for your honeymoon plus New Year’s trip!

1. Vacation in style at Singapore

1 destinations for a honeymoon and new years

Want more than just beaches at your honeymoon? Hit Singapore for its swanky malls and fine dining, and for the adventure freaks, they even have Universal Studios! Enjoy the rides at Universal, sit by the beach at East Coast Park and visit the Sentosa Island for an experience like never before. For the New Year’s evening, nothing beats the spectacular fireworks at Marina Bay. Have a romantic dinner at one of the exotic restaurants and enjoy the fireworks as the countdown begins.

Stay at: One Farrer Hotel & Spa (Rs 11,184 approx), Ramada Singapore (Rs 8,436 approx)

Image: Bookitlah on Instagram

2. Beauty at its best in Bali

2 destinations for a honeymoon and new years

With the untouched beauty of Ubud and the exotic beaches of Nusa Dua, Bali is ideal for the couple who loves nature. Spend the days relaxing at the beach, enjoy the Thai massages and sip on the amazing local beer called Bintang! Visit the Bali Safari, the ancient temples and spend New Year’s partying it up at Kuta beach. Bali has a bit of everything and we swear you’ll be planning your second trip pretty soon.

Stay at: Ayodya Resort Bali (Rs 12,865 approx), The Kana Kuta (Rs 3,606 approx)

Image: Livingthedream08 on Instagram

3. Get lost in the beauty of Lakshadweep

3 destinations for a honeymoon and new years

Coral reefs, crystal clear water and gorgeous undiscovered beaches…that’s what Lakshadweep is all about. Away from the crowds of the city, the islands make sure that you and your husband can totally unwind after the hectic wedding. Indulge in scuba diving, snorkelling and spend an intimate New Year’s with your beloved at a romantic beach shack…just you and him.

Stay at: Bangaram Island Resort (Rs 8,034 approx), Agatti Island Beach Resort (Rs 4,600 approx)

Image: Ohmyindia on Instagram

4. Experience the high life in Hong Kong

4 destinations for a honeymoon and new years

Are you the couple who just loves exploring? Well, Hong Kong will definitely not disappoint you. The city has night markets, theme parks, a racecourse with a beer garden and trams that take you up the mountains to enjoy the city lights. On the 31st, take a ferry to Macau and party it up at the casinos, followed by a visit to the historic churches the next day.

Stay at: Hotel Madera (Rs 14,621 approx), Best Western Plus Hotel (Rs 7,464 approx)

Image: Places_stories on Instagram

5. Swim with the whales in Sri Lanka!

5 destinations for a honeymoon and new years

Beaches, culture and wildlife, Sri Lanka has it all. And we bet it won’t bore you no matter how long the stay! Visit the famous Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage or swim with the blue whales! Yes, you can actually do that here! Relax by the beaches and do a fun pub crawl in Colombo for New Year’s night. Also, do visit the various Buddhist temples that are known for their gorgeous architecture.

Stay at: Laya Safari (Rs 9,500 approx), Blue Turtle Hotel (Rs 6,500 approx)

Image: GabrieleZanchetta on Instagram

6. Dreamy romance in Gangtok

6 destinations for a honeymoon and new years

The capital of Sikkim, Gangtok in December is great if you two love winters and can’t wait to snuggle up under layers of blankets! And the scenic beauty of this place will only add on to the romance. Visit the picturesque Changu lake that is located at an altitude of 12,310 feet and indulge in some local flavours at one of the hilltop cafes…the views of the mountains are just spectacular. For New Year’s, hit any one of the karaoke bars on Mall Road…we promise that you’ll have the time of your life!

Stay at: Orange Village Resort (Rs 6,300 approx), The Oriental (Rs 3,500 approx)

Image: Prosenjit_c on Instagram

7. Magical love in Maldives

7 destinations for a honeymoon and new years

This island country is said to be the ultimate destination for a honeymoon. White sands, blue lagoons and crystal clear beaches will make you want to stay here forever. And if you’re looking for something extremely private, Maldives sure is the place to be. Go snorkelling, enjoy lazy afternoons by the beach and romance under the starlit sky in the evenings. And guess what, you even have a cruise to Maldives from Mumbai starting this year! More deets here.

Stay at: Beachwood Hotel & Spa (Rs 6,500 approx), Stingray Beach Inn (Rs 10,000 approx)

Image: Highsocietymagazine on Instagram

8. Stunning city views in Vietnam

8 destinations for a honeymoon and new years

Vietnam is known for its bustling cities, French colonial landmarks, museums and, of course, the beaches. For New Year’s, you could take the overnight Halong Bay Cruise to enjoy a night of drinks, dinner and dancing. Visit the Paradise Cave, the various Buddhist pagodas and the My Son Sanctuary. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a great sample of the ancient Champa civilization located in the southern part of Vietnam.

Stay at: Monkey Island Resort (Rs 6,000 approx), Pullman Saigon Centre Hotel (Rs 9,000 approx)

Image: Blissfulguro on Instagram

9. A royal vacation at Jaisalmer

9 destinations for a honeymoon and new years

From staying at a fort to vintage car rides and authentic Rajasthani food, Jaisalmer has a lot to offer. You can visit the Salim Singh Ki Haveli, enjoy camel rides and the forts and palaces are sure a sight that will leave you mesmerized. Jaisalmer also guarantees a great New Year’s experience with an annual New Year’s dessert safari and crazy parties set within the exquisite dunes of Khurri. There’s camping, live music, folk dances and all this under the open night skies. More deets here and here.

Stay at: Gorbandh Palace (Rs 6,900 approx), Hotel Lalgarh Fort & Palace (Rs 6,500 approx)

Image: Abhinavchoudhry on Instagram

10. Malaysia truly Asia!

10 destinations for a honeymoon and new years

First things first. If you’re in Malaysia on the 31st December, all you gotta do is take the cable car to the hill resort called Genting Highlands. This resort is operational 24/7 and is full of theme parks, adventure activities, casinos and night clubs. You’ll absolutely love the festive vibe of this place! Back in Kuala Lumpur, you can hit the night flea markets for some amazing food, local street performances and lots of shopping. Indulge in authentic Thai massages, visit the vibrant city of Kuching to experience rainforests and beaches and take a dip in the famous hot springs. Also, don’t miss the twin towers!

Stay at: Renaissance Kuala Lumpur (Rs 8,200 approx), Golden Sands Resort (Rs 13,800 approx)

Image: Allenlsy on Instagram

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