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#IWokeUpLikeThis: 10 Tried & Tested Beauty Hacks For The Sleep-Deprived

#IWokeUpLikeThis: 10 Tried & Tested Beauty Hacks For The Sleep-Deprived

There are two kinds of people in the world – ones who can sleep as soon as they close their eyes (how does it feel to be god’s favourite?) and others who struggle daily to get a good night’s sleep. And just like me, if you fall in the latter category, you know how difficult it is to look fresh every morning

Being a working girl is hard, we get it. Juggling between our personal and professional lives, we also deal with issues such as anxiety, stress and long working hours. Insomnia is a serious thing and your face reveals everything before you have to. Swollen eyes, puffed up face, messy hair- are all signs that you didn’t get your required beauty sleep last night.

So, what to do? Read along.

Fake It Till You Make It: Beauty Edition

Get ready to fake it every morning 😉


Hydrate On Repeat

You might not tell everyone that you were up all night, stalking your fave celebrity but your face surely will! The first step is to hydrate your skin, inside out. 

Firstly, drink loads of water as it not only releases toxins from the body but it also makes your skin stay fresh and glowing. Never skip on facial moisturizers. Whether you’re going to sleep or putting on makeup, always keep that pretty face moisturized. After washing your face, apply a nice layer of moisturizer and massage it for two minutes to keep that blood flow going.

Pro tip: If you have oily skin, pick a gel-based moisturizer and keep that skin energized.


Prone to puffy eyes and a swollen face? A few beauty tools will help you depuff and cool down. 


A facial roller handy to depuff and roll away all those signs of tiredness. Alternatively, place two spoons in your freezer for ten minutes and put them over your eyes for a soothing effect. It’ll instantly brighten those eyes. If you would like a little boost of hydration while you depuff, get yourself some soothing eye patches. Apply them to your under eyes while you use a facial roller or some chilled spoons. 

If your entire face gets puffy, invest in a facial ice globe, it looks weird but it really works to depuff, cool reduce signs of inflammation and also minimizes the appearance of pores.

Pro tip: Store your tools in the fridge or freezer!

A Quick Spritz

After washing and moisturizing your face, use a facial mist to instantly revitalize that dull face. You can choose one according to your skin type and keep spraying it every few hours. It’ll not only leave you feeling fresh but will also reduce signs of tiredness, improves the absorption of moisture in your skin, provides an instant dose of hydration and helps with the smoother application of makeup.


And on top of that, they smell great!

Skip Using Your Good ‘ol Foundation

Yup, you read that right! Time to let that skin breathe. No matter how expensive or exclusive your holy grail might be, applying a layer of makeup is only going to add to your tired skin. Instead, apply a generous amount of moisturizer and you’re good to go.

If you have a panda eye situation, use a full-coverage concealer to hide them. And since you’ve applied all that moisturiser, applying some loose powder to any areas you concealed to avoid creasing. You can also rely on using a colour corrector if you have extremely dark under eyes.

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Pro Tip: Use two different concealers, one that matches your face perfectly and one that’s 2 shades lighter. Use the exact shade to conceal and the lighter shade to brighten!

Add Some Glow

If your skin looks dull and rather lacklustre whenever you’re sleep deprived, you need some strobe cream in your life. Strobe creams are brightening moisturizers, packed with illuminating ingredients to give you a subtle, natural glow with every use. As they are really lightweight on your skin, you can use it daily as it’s also packed with a dose of vitamins to benefit your skin.

Dullness, who?

Pro tip: Mix a little bit of strobe cream into your foundation, sunscreen or moisturiser to give your skin a healthy glow!


Add A Flush Of Colour

This is a beauty trick that’ll never disappoint. It instantly makes you look fresh, youthful and awake. Swirl your fluffy brush in a blush pan and apply it on the apple of your cheeks and yup, that’s it. The instant flush of colour makes you look lively and hides the fact that you had been up all night, partying, again.

Kohl Out My Name

If you’re a person who always kajal, nothing draws attention like you skipping to wear kohl. Want attention? Just don’t wear your kajal to work tomorrow and be prepared for obvious questions like, “Are you unwell?’, “did you cry?”. That one magical stroke can change your look completely and is a foolproof way to hide tired eyes.

Swipe Left And Right For Colour

A bright lipstick is another great way to make you look fresh and radiant. It actually diverts the attention from your tired face to your poppin’ lips. Since you’ll be wearing bright lipstick, chances are that people will only ask you, “What shade is that?”, opposed to, “Didn’t sleep, again?”.



Colour Me Wide (Awake)

More often than not, your eyes give away your energy levels. The easiest way to look like you have your life together (even though you may have had 20 minutes of sleep) is to do something wild with your eyes. Use an eyeshadow shade that you’ve never played with before. Go crazy with one shade or mix n’ match. Do a cat eye or apply tons of mascara- no, use coloured falsies. The idea is to have fun and not let your eyes reveal the truth!

Pro tip: A little concealer and a few coats of mascara is our go-to trick.

Treat Your Body And Wash Your Mane

Nothing like a good hair day to take your mind off your sleep-deprived mood. No matter how tired or late you are, just a quick five minutes under the shower can instantly revive your skin, hair, and mind. Treat your body. Use body scrubs and bath salts for an extra bathing experience. Shampoo your hair. Use a nice leave-in conditioner and have a great (hair) day as nothing makes a day better than a good hair day.

The old, sleep-deprived me cannot come to the phone right now. 



‘Coz she’s busy trying all these amazing hacks, of course! 

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26 Feb 2020

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