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Aly Goni Tells Jasmin Bhasin ‘Janani Mat Ban’ & We Have An Honest Question For Him

Aly Goni Tells Jasmin Bhasin ‘Janani Mat Ban’ & We Have An Honest Question For Him

For some unfathomable reason, when Aly Goni first entered the Bigg Boss 14 house, I had high hopes from him. The idea of him entering the house just for Jasmin Bhasin, Aly staring at her through the glass barrier like she was all that mattered, and a poetic voiceover playing in the background. I honestly fell for the romance of it. I think I watched the video of him entering the house some 20 times. Not lying, I even did a story on it. Well, if only I had learned anything from life especially about men who act like it is their duty to “save” women!

Hardly a couple of days after Aly’s entry and I knew that just like everyone else watching the show, I too had been hoodwinked by the romantic narrative. Within a week of his entry into the Bigg Boss house, Aly was aggressively controlling Jasmin, leaving behind a trail of his mammoth ego as he diminished her into a mere pawn in the game. 

In fact, Kavita Kaushik is perhaps the only one who seems to have decoded his personality really well. He has issues with being called a “gunda” by her but what else is he as he goes about threatening everyone in the house after the slightest provocation and sometimes without it as well. In last night’s episode, he was seen telling Jasmin, “Ye kaan mat laga idhar udhar. Janani mat ban na.” In fact, he went on repeating the “Janani” statement some three times. 

And as aggressively as the statement was made, we have a pressing question here: what’s wrong with being a janani???


As much as we know, in the Hindi lexicon, the word “janani” refers to somebody who gives birth i.e. a mother. By extension, the word is also used to refer to women. And it is quite odd to see Aly aggressively telling a woman, not to be a woman as if it were a cuss word. 

Also, Aly was referring to some eavesdropping that Jasmine had done while calling her a “janani” and thus adding a negative connotation to the word. In simple terms what he meant was that it is women who eavesdrop. Well, we’d like to help you with some flashbacks here and remind you of all the times Aly spotted Pavitra and Eijaz hugging and how he went on telling the entire house about it. We’d say that it also makes Aly a “janani” but we know better than that and think that there’s no way that he deserves the honour. 

In the same episode, he was also seen getting really rude with Jasmin just like he keeps doing all the time. Honestly, we were in for a surprise when Jasmin finally asked him to talk properly and walked off. However, that hardly lasted and moments later he was seen at his rude best and telling her, “Don’t argue with her [Kavita]. I’ll fucking leave, go inside and sit. I’ll leave the task. Main Pehle hi bol raha hun. Overacting nahi chahiye mujhe. Itna gussa aa jaeyga mujhe, phir bolna mat tu cheekha kyun.” And instead of calling him out for the bullshit and all the entitlement, Jasmine sat there and listened. 


But this is something that we have seen before as well. During their ‘Party all night’ task, Aly had pulled off something similar with Jasmin who didn’t as much utter a word against his behaviour. During the task, Aly was arguing with Jaan, when Jasmin tried to interfere and thus ended up irking Aly. “Aeyyyy… main baat kar raha hun na. Mereko hath mat lagaya,” he suddenly shouted and snapped at her. 

But that wasn’t it. He also asked her to step back like a kid and she quietly obliged. “Peche ho,” he said and added a “Very Good” after she actually ended up stepping back.  

It is very disheartening to see Jasmin getting diluted under Aly’s shadow who keeps taking the liberty of misbehaving with her. Honestly, it is hard to believe that it is the same Jasmin who never missed the opportunity of calling out all the male contestants for their sexism or deliberate intimidation. Guess we are all toxic in our own ways, sometimes for others, sometimes for our own selves! 

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26 Nov 2020

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