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Ab Sab Mind-Blowing Hoga: You Need To Watch Jasmin & Aly Goni’s Emotional Reunion In BB

Ab Sab Mind-Blowing Hoga: You Need To Watch Jasmin & Aly Goni’s Emotional Reunion In BB

In the one month that has elapsed since the beginning of Bigg Boss 14, Jasmin Bhasin has come across as a tough contender for all the other contestants. She is sweet, she is bold, never shies away from speaking her mind, and a delight to watch, which BTW is a rarity when it comes to most of the Bigg Boss contestants. In fact, within the first two weeks of the show, she was the only contestant who was told by host Salman Khan that she is looking absolutely real and really shining among the lot. 

However, things haven’t exactly been great for the actress for almost two weeks now. After the captaincy task tussle with Rahul Vaidya, it seems like Jasmin has gone to a dark place. Even in the ‘Weekend ka Vaar’ episode despite the fact that Salman dismissed her trauma as ‘faltu ka rona dhona,‘ she just requested the host to ask the rest of the housemates not to bully her on the topic. 

And while Salman might have referred to her breakdown as an ‘afterthought,’ the actress actually has been appearing quite shaken for a week now. The lack of a strong ally in the house isn’t really helping her situation as well. However, as we speak of an ally (or should we say Aly) things are finally looking to get better for Jasmin. In the promo of tonight’s episode, her alleged boyfriend Aly Goni can be seen entering the Bigg Boss house and you need to watch the video to see how elated she is to meet him after so long. 

In an emotional promo, both the actors can be seen getting really emotional as they see each other after days. “Kyun aesi royi hai?,” Aly asks her in the video to which Jasmin emotionally replies, “Ye duniya mere liye nahi hai.” Aly can also be heard talking about their bond and saying, “Jo tu aur main hain, wo duniya bhi koi alag hi cheez hai.” Check out the video:

In the promo, Jasmin can be seen flaunting her adorable smile after days and saying, “Ab toh sab mind-blowing hoga.” Here’s how to get her happy-wala glow:

In the same promo, Pavitra Punia and Eijaz Khan can be seen locking horns in an ugly showdown. She can be seen getting really hurt by his betrayal and it looks like it is finally splitsville time for the two and their super complicated relationship. Honestly, we are kind of relieved if that actually happens given the kind of toxic bond that the two of them share. 

At the same time, we are really excited about watching Jasmin and Aly in the show. It is really heart-warming to see Aly looking at Jasmin with so much love and admiration and getting emotional. In all honesty, we really weren’t up for an unpalatable romance or #SidNaaz part two this season and perhaps Jasmin and Aly’s soft, respectful bond is what the Bigg Boss audience really needed. Can’t wait to watch more of these two. 

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03 Nov 2020

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