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Jasmin Bhasin Opens Up About Staying With Aly Goni’s Family During  Lockdown

Jasmin Bhasin Opens Up About Staying With Aly Goni’s Family During Lockdown

Aly Goni and Jasmin Bhasin seem to be living their best lives post Bigg Boss 14. Quite evidently, all that time in the BB house has worked wonders for their relationship and the two are taking it to the next level now. The couple has just done two music videos opposite each other and has also moved in together.

Aly talked about the decision of moving in together in a recent interview and shared how it has brought them closer. “Now, we are more close to each other. And understand each other like before. It feels good that I still have my best friend with me,” he shared. But wait for it ‘coz there is more to this story. What’s cooking you ask? Well, turns out that not just Aly but Jasmin has been living with his family during the lockdown. Yuppp!!!

Right before the announcement of the Maharashtra lockdown, the couple decided to fly off to Jammu and spend time with Aly’s family. Now, Jasmin is so glad that it transpired this way. She spoke about the same in a recent interview and shared, “It’s always fun to be around family, friends and the people you love. During this pandemic, most people are suffering from loneliness, being alone, or being locked into houses. Touchwood, fortunately, we made the right decision and came to Jammu to Aly’s family and because of that, we are not going through the emotion of loneliness. We are happy that we are around family and friends and it’s lovely. I feel fortunate and it’s a blessing that in such a tough situation and the time we are going through we are with our loved ones.” 

Speaking about her equation with Aly’s family, she further added, “Aly, his family are not people who I met yesterday. I have known them for the last three years now. Also, there is no formality between us or we don’t pretend to be like that. We were friends and were around always. Aly’s family is very cool, chilled out, sweet, good people. It’s fun to be around them. What makes me comfortable and what has always been important for me is the vibe and energy of the people. Everybody around me here has a great positive vibe and energy.” 

During the interview, she also talked about how everything remains unchanged between her and Aly even after moving in together. “Honestly, when we came together and started staying we also thought it will be a new chapter but nothing has changed. Everything is the same between Aly and me. The understanding, chemistry, fights, disputes, leg-pulling, and everything is the same and it’s all cool,” said Jasmin. 

Recently a video of Aly and Jamin preparing Iftaar with his family had also gone viral on social media. And as the netizens came together to ask “What’s cooking?” Well, now we know!

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28 Apr 2021

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