Beauty Hacks: 5 Alternative Uses Of Makeup Remover Wipes That We Bet You Didn’t Know

Sharon AlphonsoSharon Alphonso  |  Feb 17, 2021
Alternative Uses Of Makeup Remover Wipes


No matter what the occasion may be, you will always find makeup remover wipes in my handbag. I use them to remove my makeup and for a bunch of other cool things too. It saves me money, time, and space in my bag- what more could I ask for, right? If you have extra makeup remover wipes at home and want to find alternative uses for them, I’d be happy to bounce some ideas off you.

5 Alternative Uses Of Makeup Remover Wipes We Bet You Didn’t Know

Not to mention, finding alternative uses for makeup remover wipes is also good for the environment!

As A Mini Shower

makeup wipes


With Covid-19 around, I try to avoid using my gym’s washroom. Usually, I would take a shower post-workout, but I’ve stopped all of that. I now rely on makeup wipes to get rid of sweat and dirt on my skin. Apart from my face, I use makeup wipes on my back, in between my finger and underarms (It feels like a mini shower) to get the residue off my skin and then I come home and have a full-fledged shower.

As A Sneaker Cleaner

With so much dust and pollution in the air, I find it difficult to keep my white sneakers ‘white’ all the time. Using makeup wipes to keep them spot-free has become my fav hack. After all, they are designed to remove stubborn stains (even if they’re on your shoes or clothes).

As A Deodrant

underarm hygiene


Even though makeup removal wipes won’t be as fragrant as a deodorant, they will wipe off the sweat from your underarms and make sure the area stays germ-free. First, wash your underarms with plain water, wipe them dry with a towel, and then use a makeup wipe. No odor, just fresh underarms. 

As A Camping Must-Have

Before the pandemic, I spent most of my weekends travelling or camping. Besides my water bottle, phone, some money and an energy bar, I’d carry makeup remover wipes too. These wipes would come in handy when removing dirt from my hands and feet while hiking. 

As A Surface Cleaner

clean sink


The closest alternative to a surface cleaner is a makeup remover wipe. It easily cleans stubborn dirt marks and stains on the tiles and sinks. Whenever I’m out of surface cleaner, I use one of my makeup removers to get the job done. It leaves my walls, the sink and bathroom tiles looking squeaky clean and brand new. 

After learning about these alternative uses of makeup remover wipes, we bet you’ll never look at them the same way again!

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