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5 Reasons Why Aloe Vera Gel Is Deserves A Spot In Your Beauty Arsenal

5 Reasons Why Aloe Vera Gel Is Deserves A Spot In Your Beauty Arsenal

Beauty fads come and go, but one thing will always remain the same: the amazing benefits of aloe vera gel. This pulpy plant is literally the best skincare and haircare ingredient you could ever come across. It’s super hydrating and it goes above and beyond to treat beauty concerns with that very feature. The best part is there are tons of beauty hacks with this gel that will just blow your mind.

Here’s why Aloe Vera gel is a non-negotiable product and should be a part of everyone’s beauty regimen.

Why Aloe Vera Gel?

Aloe Vera gel is not only super-hydrating but it is very soothing as well. It is an amazing all-natural treatment for breakouts and can be used to soothe your scalp as well. It is loaded with vitamins and minerals and it suits all skin types. Using Aloe Vera gel straight from the leaf is amazing but it could get sticky. That’s why, investing in inexpensive OTC jars of Aloe Vera gel is the best option. These jars contain pure Aloe Vera gel without the sticky factor and that makes this gel easy to incorporate into your beauty routine.

Beauty Tips & Tricks With Aloe Vera Gel To Bookmark

Soothes Skin

Aloe Vera gel has the ability to soothe inflammation and reduce irritation. It works like magic to soothe and heal burns and cuts and it also is ideal to treat sunburn. Even with rashes or breakouts, applying a layer of this gel will help make your skin calm and provide instant relief.

Spot Corrector

Using Aloe Vera gel as a spot corrector is the best thing you could ever do for your skin when it is plagued with pimples. This gel has wound-healing abilities and it also creates a protective film over the blemish so that it is not further irritated or contaminated by impurities. Mix a drop of tea tree essential oil with a pea sized amount of Aloe Vera gel and apply it only on pimples. Let it dry up and then continue to apply your skincare or makeup as you usually would.

Styling Gel

Shocked? Aloe Vera gel will make you ditch your regular hair gel because it is an inexpensive solution to styling your locks. When you chose to use Aloe Vera gel as hair gel, you know for a fact that there are no chemicals in the gel and therefore it can be used as close to your scalp without causing any irritation. In fact, it works like a hair conditioner while giving the effects of an OTC styling product. To use, simply wet your hair and then swipe on this gel to style your mane however you like. Those sleek supermodel top knots will now be super easy to achieve with this natural gel by your side.

Makeup Primer

When you apply Aloe Vera gel to the skin, it not only hydrates but it also acts as a pore filler which makes it a great makeup primer. The gel soothes and smoothes the skin to perfection. It creates a thin, invisible film on the skin that makes makeup application smooth AF. This film also prevents makeup from entering the pores and causing breakouts or irritation. To use, simply follow a CTM routine as usual and then slather on Aloe Vera gel as a makeup primer before applying foundation. You can even just cleanse and tone your skin and then use the gel as a priming moisturiser.

Brow Gel

Ran out of brow gel? No worries. Aloe Vera gel can instantly come to your rescue. This gel can offer you that laminated effected that you get with soap brow products or brow gels, and brow mascaras. Simply swipe the gel in the opposite direction of your eyebrow hair growth and then with your finger, guide the strands back into its natural growth direction. Use a spoolie to brush those strands upwards and outwards and then flatten your brows with the other end of your brush or use your fingers. Et voila!

If you are sold on the beauty benefits of Aloe Vera gel, try skincare or haircare products that consist of it as their star ingredient. We recommend:

If these reasons haven’t convinced you to add Aloe Vera gel to you beauty shelf, we don’t know what will! Put these hacks to the test and thank us later.

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15 Jun 2022

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