Bikini Line Problems? Here’s How To Deal With Them ALL!

Priyanka GhuraPriyanka Ghura  |  May 5, 2016
Bikini Line Problems? Here’s How To Deal With Them ALL!


Hair removal isn’t the only thing we have to worry about down there. Our super sensitive bikini area comes with its own list of woes no matter whether you shave or wax. From bumps to ingrown hair, we tell you how to treat all those bikini line problems that are coming between you and a super smooth V-zone. Read on for a flawless bikini area.

1. Razor Burn

One annoyingly common side effect of shaving is razor rash or burn. It can be caused by a number of reasons like using a dull blade, going over one area multiple times and not using any shaving gel. Redness, inflammation, irritation and bumps are what you can end up with. Bikini Line Problems What To Do: Make it a point to always use a sharp, brand new razor for a closer shave, which would mean fewer strokes and less chances of a rash. Also, it’s always better to use a shaving gel for lubrication and to keep your hair soft. You can even use your hair conditioner if you don’t have one lying around. Apply an anti-inflammatory lotion on the area if you’ve already got a razor rash. Aloe vera gel can also help soothe it. Also, tight clothes can aggravate your skin so ditch your underwear for an hour or so after you’ve shaved.

2. Ingrown Hair

Not only do they prevent that smooth look on our legs, they even occur around our V-zone! Instead of growing out of the follicle, these hairs get trapped below the skin in the form of little bumps. Whatever you do, don’t wax or shave over them repeatedly to get them out, it will only make the situation worse. What To Do: It’s super tempting we know but resist the urge to squeeze the bump and pull the hair out on your own, it can lead to scarring and infections. If you’re prone to ingrowths you should make it a point to exfoliate a few times a week (yes even down there!). Remember to shave in one direction; shaving in any and every direction can also cause this problem. Hot showers can help coax the hair out by softening the skin.

3. Shaving Cuts

You nicked your skin and it won’t stop bleeding? Cuts are common, we all get them. And while they’re not really painful, they can leave you with scars. Bikini Line Problems What To Do: Press a clean cotton ball on your cut for a good 5 minutes to stop the bleeding and then apply an antibiotic cream on it for a couple of days. Stay away from tight clothes and your fave skinny jeans to avoid discomfort and don’t shave over the cut till it heals. Next time, remember to take your time and not rush when you raze.  

4. Discolouration

Discoloured patches and darkening around your bikini line can be caused by friction of your clothes while working out, shaving too hard or by prolonged irritation. What To Do: Picking at ingrown hairs can cause dark spots as does applying super hot wax on the area. Ask your dermat about skin lightening creams and treatments.

5. Wax Burns

You tried giving yourself a Brazilian at home or your waxing lady accidently scalded you… Bikini Line Problems What To Do: Ice cold water is what you need. Immediately press a washcloth dipped in cold water to the burn for a good 15 to 20 minutes to prevent redness and reduce that painful sting. Apply aloe vera gel to help it heal. The last thing you need is a burn mark on your bikini line.

6. Uneven Hair Growth

You’re sporting some wonky stubble down there with patches of longer hair. Unsightly and simply avoidable! What To Do: Shave over the longer areas. This will help it all grow back evenly. Also, be patient and leave the area alone and let it grow out at its own course before waxing or shaving again.

7.  Itchiness

It’s common for your skin to feel super dry and itch like crazy after you shave. You have to keep stopping yourself from scratching your crotch in public. Bikini Line Problems What To Do: First of all, stop scratching! It’ll only lead to more irritation and redness. After you shave, splash your nether regions with cold water (yes, we know that’s not going to feel very pleasant) and then slather on lotion to keep the area moisturised and prevent itchiness. Images: Shutterstock  MUST-READ: #Waxing101: The Difference between Bikini, French and Brazilian MUST-READ: 10 Emotions Every Woman Has During a Bikini Wax