The Bra “Sister Size”: The BEST Trick For Lingerie Shopping!

Priyanka GhuraPriyanka Ghura  |  Sep 5, 2016
The Bra “Sister Size”: The BEST Trick For Lingerie Shopping!


Have you ever gone shopping for bras and stumbled across the most gorgeous one with a pretty lace trim and sparkling rhinestones, only to realize that you can’t find your size in it?! Most of us have been in such a situation and we know that feeling can be so disappointing. Well, that’s where your sister size comes in. Yes, that’s right, we don’t have just one but two bra sizes. We kid you not! Read on to learn what your bra’s sister size is. This can make bra shopping a lot easier!

Why Does A Girl Need To Know Her Sister Bra Size?

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Sister sizes can have the same cup capacity but be a different size. It’s helpful to know your sister size in cases when you feel like the cups fit but the band seems small or big. Your sister size is basically going down in the band size and up in the cup size or vice versa. The cup capacity will remain the same and this way you can find bras that may not be available in your regular size. It’s also helpful to know as certain bras may not fit you right but the sister size may be more comfortable. A structured, wired bra may fit you in 34B, but a stretchy lace bra can fit you better in a 32C or a 36A – 34B’s sister sizes!

Everybody Has A Sister Size!

Anybody with boobs that is! All you gotta do is adjust the straps a bit to get a fit that feels perfect.

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When Should You Buy (After Trying!) Your Sister Size:

In case of these instances, it’s a better idea to try on your sister size:

  • When the bra keeps riding up at the back.
  • When you’re spilling out of your cups.
  • When the bra you want isn’t available in your usual size.
  • When your bra straps are hurting.
  • When the straps keep falling down.

So What Is YOUR Sister Bra Size?

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Well, you need to know your true bra size first. Remember that it’s important to check your bra size every 6 months as wearing the wrong size can affect your appearance and the health of your boobs. Get to know your fit at any lingerie store (eg. La Senza, Marks & Spencer) or learn to measure yourself at home here.

A bra that fits well must hold and support your breast tissue properly and be comfortable to wear all day long. Your bra should fit you perfectly on the first hook, the second and third hooks are meant to be used later, as the bra loosens with time. You may come across certain bras in your true size where the straps seem tight, the cups too small or the band a bit tight. This can vary across fabrics and brands and this is when your sister size will come in handy.

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Your sister size usually translates into 1 cup size up (A,B,C, etc) and 1 band size down (32,34,36, etc.) or 1 cup size down and 1 band size up. This switch up can lead to a very similar fitting bra, sometimes even a better fitting one. For eg. the sister sizes for 34B can be 36A or 32C.

There you have it ladies! Unlike with shoes, you can try on a couple of different sizes that are all actually your size to determine the best fit. Happy shopping ladies! 🙂

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