Ghani Bawri Ho Gai: All The *Priceless* Things Kangana Ranaut Said About Bollywood Celebs

Sayunkta JainSayunkta Jain  |  Mar 28, 2019
Ghani Bawri Ho Gai: All The *Priceless* Things Kangana Ranaut Said About Bollywood Celebs


Jo na karna tha kargi
Main bhi kit jya ke margi
Aachi khasi Jattni changi
Ghani bawri hogi…

What? We are just singing the song ‘coz it’s Friday! No other reason. But it’s amazing how things work out, isn’t it?


Kangana Ranaut and this song from her hit film Tanu Weds Manu Returns go hand in hand. In the film, she played the role of Tanuja (Tanu) Trivedi who is a fierce and formidable woman, which Kangana is in real life too. The actress inspires us all to stand up for ourselves and never be afraid to speak our heart out. To be bold and unafraid. Well, hot dog!

Recently, Kangana Ranaut, in a no-holds-barred interview, took on not just her usual favourites including Karan Johar and Alia Bhatt but also Ranbir Kapoor, Rani Mukerji, Sanjay Leena Bhansali, and Pahlaj Nihalani. Here is everything she said about the above mentioned that are going viral and making headlines by the minute:

1. Nationalism & The Hipocracy In Bollywood


Remember a while back when Kangana called out Alia and Ranbir ‘irresponsible’ for not having a political opinion on issues of national importance? And remember how Alia had cleverly replied to that all the while praising the accuser? Well, that wasn’t enough for her after all. In yesterday’s interview, she went on to call out Bollywood and its hypocrisy.

“If we are asking about your sex life, that you are okay to discuss wherein there you should have a personal agenda. But there they are ok and put pictures on Instagram, who I am f***ing, who I am not f***ing, that is fine but about the country, it’s my personal choice?! You don’t even understand and identify which is personal and which is not personal. It’s not your personal wish, it is a collective wish”.

2. A Little Something For “Karan Johar & Gang”


“These are people who feel absolutely exclusive saying one has nothing to do with the rest of India. This is the kind of attitude that Karan Johar and gang thrive on. And a lot of negative PR about me has been happening from these people. Maybe you don’t know, but I know who gives out news [about me]. That’s why whenever I do something, it is to put them in their place”.

3. To Ranbir Kapoor And Alia Bhatt – Bachche Hain, Ki Dumb Hain, Ki Kya Hai?


Oh, yes, that happened for real. The 32-year-old actress said, and we quote:

“What is this of calling them ‘young’ when Ranbir Kapoor is 37 and Alia Bhatt is 27? My mother had three children at the age of 27! This is absolutely unfair. Ye bachche hai, ki dumb hai ki kya hai?? If you are asked to discuss your sex life, you are okay to discuss, putting pictures on Instagram but when it is about the country it is my personal choice”.

4. On Rani Mukerji’s Award-Winning Performance In Black – I Can Do This. What’s The Big Deal?


Image: Book My Show

Kangana made her Bollywood debut with Anurag Basu’s film Gangster in 2006. But not many know that it was Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Black that gave her the confidence to try her hands in Bollywood.

“I remember going for Black. At that time, people around me from theatre were suggesting I do films, which I thought would be difficult. I went with my roommate and she told me if we could act like that, we could also become like them. And I said, ‘I can do this. What’s the big deal?’ She was like, ‘Oh my god, look at you?’. I said in theatre, we do this in one go. Here, you have to do it in segments; and if you mess up, you can do it again! I went back to my hostel, tried to enact [Rani Mukerji’s character] before the mirror. And I knew I can definitely do this. That day, I found the confidence”.

5. About Former CBFC Chairman And Filmmaker Pahlaj Nihalani – They Gave Me A Robe To Wear And No Undergarments


Recalling an incident that happened before she got her first break with Gangster, Kangana claimed that Pahlaj Nihalani had offered her a film which asked for a photo shoot in nothing but a robe.

“…Pahlaj Nihalani had offered me a film called I Love You Boss. They had a photo shoot where they gave me a robe to wear and no undergarments. So I just had a satin robe for a show-girl pose, from which I had to stick my leg out, coming out of darkness. They should at least have given some tapes. I was supposed to play a young girl lusting after her middle-aged boss. So it was a soft-porn sort of character. And I had this epiphany that I can’t do this. I felt like this is exactly what my parents were talking about. I actually went through the photo shoot, but then I disappeared. I changed my number”.


Image: Rediff

In fact, Nihalani replied to Kangana allegation in an interview with Cineblitz and said that she walked out of the film because she had got Gangster. “I had spent 1.5 crores on that picture advertisement and shot for three songs. She did the reading post the photoshoot, but with my advertisement and the poster, she got Mahesh Bhatt’s film and backed out of my film as she requested me to let her do Gangster as we were under a three-movie deal. She should not play with me, otherwise, I have a lot of things to play with her,” said the filmmaker.

6. Sanjay Leela Bhansali Came To Her For Padmaavat Before He Approached Deepika Padukone


During the course of the interview, Kangana revealed that she is a big fan of Sanjay Leela Bhansali and his work naming Devdas and Black. She said that he had narrated the script of Padmaavat to her during a brief meeting. When asked if she was offered the film, she said:

“Yes. There was this conversation, and I was doing Manikarnika then, so it didn’t go anywhere. But we had a brief narration”.

7. She Was Approached For Ram Chahe Leela Before Priyanka Chopra 


Image: Wikipedia

Sounds like SLB was/is quite smitten by the Queen. Apparently, he also offered her Ram Chahe Leela, the popular song from Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela that Priyanka Chopra did. “Before that as well, he wanted me to do the Ram-Leela song. He is a filmmaker who can leave strong impressions on you, especially if you are a fresh mind”, added the actress.

8. On Her Future Kids – I Will Throw Him In The Sea. Either He Will Drown Or He Will Make It

While talking about nepotism, she was asked what will she do if 20 years from now, her child wants to join Bollywood to become an actor or a director. To that, she said:

“Well, see, if I do that, the possibility of him being a good director will become 50%. If I really care for him and if I am really a good mother, I would let him find his own way because to make a good director, a good living toh he can make out of anything and anywhere, but if I want him to be an extraordinary person, I will throw him in the sea. Either he will drown or he will make it, that is if I want to create an exceptional human being. An extraordinary human being can only be created like that”.

Well, okay then!

On the work front, Kangana Ranaut will be next seen in Mental Hai Kya opposite Rajkummar Rao. She is also in discussions with a bilingual biopic of the late former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu J.Jayalalitha titled Thalaivi in Tamil and Jaya in Hindi. She is all set to become the highest paid actress in the industry with the film, as she’s been offered a whopping Rs 24 crores to play the titular role. Vishnu Vardhan Induri, producer of the biopic stated, “Kangana deserves every bit of remuneration she is getting, we are very happy to have her in our team”.

Images: Instagram

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