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Want To Nail Your At-Home Manicure? Here’s What You Need To Build An A+ Starter Kit

Want To Nail Your At-Home Manicure? Here’s What You Need To Build An A+ Starter Kit

There’s nothing we love more than a freshly done glossy manicure – it adds a bit of oomph and just makes us feel super glam. That said, as much as we love hitting the local salon for an end-of-day mani date, sometimes, nothing is better than doing a DIY thing from the comfort of your couch, while catching up on the episodes of Friends for the nth time.

However, if you have ever gotten a manicure from a nail technician, you know that there are all sorts of complicated tools involved in making your nail look good. But DW, we’re here to clear up the confusion. Wanna take matters into our own hands? Keep reading ahead for a full breakdown of all the nail tools you need to get an Instagram-worthy mani without leaving your house.

The Must-Have Tools To Nail A Pro-Level DIY Manicure 

A Nail File

Here’s the thing: A good nail will not only help you to gently and easily shape your nails but will also help in smoothing out the top without damaging them. We suggest looking for an all-purpose to keep your fingernails healthy and damage-free.

Hand Scrub To Clean Your Nail Bed

A hand scrub is basically an essential prep step before you start with your DIY manicure. A good exfoliating hand scrub will thoroughly clean your nail bed by sloughing off impurities and prep it for polish. 

Cuticle Clipper To Remove Any Excess Skin

If you feel the urge to clip your cuticles, keep in mind that you don’t want to cut off the entire cuticle. Simply trim it or remove any excess skin or a hangnail if you deem it necessary.

Cuticle Pusher To Push It Back

You’ve probably seen the manicurist pushing back the cuticles before every manicure. Instead of clipping them away, it’s better to just push them using a cuticle pusher. Why? Because clipping can sometimes damage your nails and potentially lead to infection if you’re not super careful. 

Dotter Tool For Trend-Setting Mani

Want to try an artsy manicure but aren’t quite steady enough to free-hand it? A dotter tool is the one to call on. It basically allows you to add dots of varying sizes to your manicure. One of the trending styles you can create with the tool is a flower.

Nail Art Brush For Intricate Designs

With a bewildering variety of shapes and sizes available, a brush can really help you replicate your favourite styles. Whether you want an ombre French mani or a super trending negative space design – a precise nail art brush is a must. 

Nail Polish Corrector Pen

Nail polish corrector pens are a life-saver when it comes to perfecting your manicure and cleaning up around the edges. We suggest looking for one that will allow you to remove polish from your hands or cuticles when things get a little messy.

Precision Tweezer To Apply Sequins Or Stones

These are a must-have, especially if you are planning to apply tiny nail art sequins or stones. They allow you to place the appliques or stones exactly where you want them.

A Top Coat To Seal The Deal

Are you always in a rush for your nail polish to dry? Meet your new BFF. Enter a quick dry topcoat. It’ll help you manicure dry 10x faster. 

Hand Cream To Moisturise

Cuticles and dry hands are the enemy number one for manicures. As dry cuticles and hands distract from a beautiful manicure, look for a moisturising hand lotion and make sure to use it on a daily basis. 

So, ready to try a DIY manicure?

Featured Image: Instagram

22 Sep 2021

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