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Gorgeous Skin, Fabulous Hair & A Healthy Body: The Many Benefits Of Ginger You Didn’t Know

Gorgeous Skin, Fabulous Hair & A Healthy Body: The Many Benefits Of Ginger You Didn’t Know

Home remedies are always my go-to solution for any health and beauty problem. Whenever I wake up with a pimple or my stomach feels funny, I just think of my nani ke nuskhe and put them to test. They mostly work wonders and so I’ve learned that some of the ingredients in our kitchen are actually great for health- both internally as well as externally. Ginger is one of those magic ingredients. 

Ginger is a flowering plant and its official name is Zingiber officinale. It is spicy and peppery to taste with a whole lot of medicinal properties. It is often called a superfood but what really makes it so powerful? Well, adrak doesn’t only make chai better, it also does wonders for your skin and has a ton of other benefits. 

Health Benefits Of Ginger

Benefits Of Ginger For Health



Ginger is great for digestion, blood circulation and has many other health benefits. We’re listing down all such health benefits of ginger here:

Stimulates Digestion

Have you ever felt uncomfortable after a heavy meal? Or do you often have digestion issues? Is acidity a recurring problem accompanied by heartburn? Ginger will come in handy in such situations. Functional dyspepsia is a term used to describe upper abdominal discomfort like acid reflux that slows down the digestive system. This is when ginger comes to your rescue. 

It increases the body’s ability to empty food from the stomach quickly. This is known as gastric emptying. When you consume ginger capsules with a meal, they stimulate digestion and gastric emptying happens twice as fast. The more efficient your digestion system is, the more energy you have. In fact, it is proven that 60% of the body’s energy goes into metabolism. So you see, it’s a cycle. Ginger helps in improving digestion, this increases your metabolic rate and thus your body has more energy for daily chores. 

Improves Energy Levels

As mentioned above, a good digestive system results in better energy levels. Your body absorbs the required nutrients and minerals faster and your overall metabolism and energy levels go up. Isn’t it amazing how adding ginger to your diet can have such positive results on your health?!


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Lowers Blood Pressure

Consuming processed foods and genetic conditions can result in high blood pressure. This is also called hypertension. According to The Chopra Centre, when this is left untreated it can lead to damaged arteries, heart problems and issues with the kidney and eyes and sometimes even the brain. A natural cure for blood pressure is ginger because it expands the blood vessels. It also contains potassium which lowers blood pressure. Just to give you an idea, ginger has 415 mg per 100 g of potassium and bananas have 358 mg per 100 g. Needless to say, this superfood should totally be a part of your diet if you suffer from hypertension. However, we suggest you visit a doctor and get a thorough check-up before you start the self-treatment at home.  

Reduces Nausea

Ginger in any form- raw, mixed in water, tea or even as a capsule can help with nausea and vomiting from motion sickness. A lot of times people feel nauseous due to morning sickness, car sickness or post-surgery or post-chemotherapy. Studies have shown that ginger naturally settles the feeling and can help you get rid of the discomfort.

Reduces Inflammation

Ginger reduces inflammation and has properties that soothe the skin and muscles. This makes it a great home remedy for people with exercise-induced muscle pain or joint pains. For best results, ginger should be consumed raw. But if that’s too much, you can even consume it with tea. However, it is advised to not consume anything more than 4g of ginger in a day. If you want, you can even apply ginger oil directly to the inflamed area. 


Great For Period Cramps

Ladies, period cramps hurt a lot. While all bodies are different and everyone’s menses are different, cramps can feel intolerable sometimes. Ginger tea is supposed to be very soothing for the stomach and it helps to relieve uterus cramps. So the next time you experience pain during your periods, try ginger before you pop a pill. 

Health Benefits Of Ginger Tea


Antibacterial Properties

Ginger is also used as an antiseptic. Some studies have shown that ginger can combat many microbial diseases. It is also said to soothe inflamed gums, thus making it useful for your oral health too!


Fights Respiratory Problems

Issues like the common cold, influenza and other respiratory problems can be combated with ginger. Environmental allergies and sneezing caused due to pollution can also be soothed with ginger. No wonder then that our mothers and grannies swear by it. 

Strengthens Overall Immunity

Ginger has a lot of antioxidants present in it and so it helps in strengthening your overall immunity. Ginger tea, ginger capsules, or raw ginger- there are just so many ways that you can consume this superfood.

Relieves Stress

Ginger tea especially has calming properties that are known to reduce stress and tension. This is because of the strong aroma and the healing properties that it comes packed with.

Improves Blood Circulation

Laden with vitamins, minerals and amino acids, ginger helps to restore and improve blood circulation that may, in the long run, reduce the chances of cardiovascular problems. Ginger helps in preventing fats from being deposited in the arteries thus preventing heart attacks and strokes. 


Benefits Of Ginger For Skin

Benefits Of Ginger For Skin


In addition to all the medicinal and health benefits of ginger, it is also great for your skin. It is a commonly used ingredient in cosmetics and skincare products for it gives beauty benefits like improving skin texture. Here are all the benefits of ginger for skin that you should know about:

Anti-aging Properties

Ginger contains around forty antioxidant compounds that protect our skin against free radical damage. It also prevents accelerated collagen degradation and stimulates blood circulation. The antioxidants in ginger also prevent the breakdown of elastin, one of the main causes of ginger. You can apply ginger topically or mix the ginger powder with honey and consume a teaspoon daily.


Say Goodbye To Blemishes & Acne

We already told you that ginger is a great antiseptic agent. It also has deep cleansing properties and cleans the skin thoroughly. It fights the acne-causing bacteria naturally. It minimizes the rate at which acne erupts because it kills the bacteria in the skin. So say hello to clear skin.

Soothing Against Burns

You can apply fresh ginger juice to relieve pain caused by burns. It heals the skin and restores it to its natural condition. Rub freshly cut ginger two or three times a day on burn scars and see them fade away after regular application. Use only a fresh slice every time because otherwise bacteria can fester on it and cause irritation.

Treats Hyper-pigmentation

Hyperpigmented scars occur when the skin loses its natural pigmentation and the area becomes white or a lighter colour than the skin. Ginger can help reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation to a significant level. Just cut some ginger and dab directly on the affected areas. For best results, do this every day and you’ll see a difference after regular application.

Improves Skin Radiance

Antioxidants are great for toning your skin and evening out the skin tone. Look for face masks and cleansers that contain ginger if you want that lit-from-within glow. You can even make a DIY mask at home by mixing two inches of grated ginger with two tablespoons of honey and one teaspoon of lemon juice. Keep it in the fridge for an hour before applying. Let the concoction sit on your face for 20-25mins before rinsing it off.


Benefits Of Ginger For Hair


Benefits Of Ginger For Hair

Now to your surprise, the beauty benefits of ginger do not limit only to the skin, but there are several benefits of ginger for hair that sure shot improves the texture of hair. Here are all such ginger benefits for hair. Have a look!

Ginger For Hair Growth

Ginger is used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries now. It is proven to improve hair quality, hair growth and treat scalp problems. Ginger oil and ginger juice can be applied to the roots for multiple purposes. It increases blood circulation in the scalp which in-turn stimulates hair growth. People with thin hair can massage ginger oil to improve the quality of their hair and to strengthen the locks. You can even make a hair mask by using one tablespoon of grated ginger and a few drops of jojoba oil. Massage this mixture into your hair for thirty minutes and then rinse it off with a shampoo. It’ll tackle your hair loss problem while also stimulating hair growth.


Nourishes & Strengthens Hair

Ginger is great for dry and brittle hair because it contains vitamins, zinc and phosphorus which gives your mane a soft sheen. So silky, smooth and shiny hair at home is a reality.

Combats Hair Loss

Ginger extract makes your hair stronger and surprisingly, it even smells nice! Nicely coat your hair with the extract so the vitamins get soaked in properly. This will make your hair thicker and stronger. 

No More Split Ends

Hair follicles get damaged due to exposure to pollution and heat. This results in split ends and even makes your hair brittle. The ginger extract helps improve the hair quality and works towards restoring your mane back to its natural strength.

Fights Against Dandruff

Dandruff is one of the most common problems that most of us face. It is basically when the scalp becomes very flaky and dry and sheds off. Ginger oil has antiseptic properties that help get rid of dandruff. To make a hair mask, mix two tablespoons of grated ginger with three tablespoons of sesame or olive oil. Add a bit of lemon juice to the mixture.  You can massage this into your scalp and then rinse off after fifteen to thirty minutes. Use this home remedy thrice a week and you’ll see the difference.



Does ginger burn belly fat?

Yes, consuming ginger can burn belly fat as well as body fat. Ginger contains compounds like gingerols and shogaols that stimulates several biological activities in the body. The antioxidant properties in ginger control the free radicals that cause oxidative stress and its anti-inflammatory properties counter the inflammation that indicates obesity. Also, consuming ginger makes the people stay fuller for a long time which eliminates the stage of overeating.

What are the side effects of ginger?

Intake of ginger in small portion does not have many side-effects, but if the ginger overdoses, it can cause several side effects. Here are some of the side effects of ginger that one should know:

  • heartburn
  • mouth or throat irritation
  • increased bleeding tendency
  • abdominal discomfort
  • cardiac arrhythmias (if overdosed)
  • nervous system depression (if overdosed)
  • diarrhoea

Is it good to drink ginger tea everyday?

Yes, you can drink ginger tea every day as it contains a high level of Vitamin C, amino acids as well as elements of calcium, zinc and phosphorous. But make sure not to overdose the intake of ginger or ginger tea.




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