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Leading The Way: Alia Bhatt’s New Podcast Aims To Spread Awareness On COVID-19 Vaccine

Ravina SachdevRavina Sachdev  |  May 27, 2021
Leading The Way: Alia Bhatt’s New Podcast Aims To Spread Awareness On COVID-19 Vaccine


The past few months have been extremely tragic for the country. In such difficult times, many good Samaritans came forward to help. From Bollywood celebs to your autowalas, everyone tried doing their bit to help those in distress.

Talking about Bollywood celebs, a lot of stars have been relentlessly working to help people in need. Arranging beds at midnight, chartering flights to provide oxygen, raising COVID-19 relief funds–Bollywood stars left no stone unturned in helping people. One such name is that of actor and producer Alia Bhatt. You’d only have to look at her Instagram once to know that she’s been on her toes sharing important COVID-19 information. That’s not all, she also utilises her social media reach to help amplify COVID-19 requests for resources. 


So it barely comes as a surprise when she revealed yet another COVID-19 initiative that would help people. The star on Wednesday announced a five-part podcast series as an attempt to disseminate authentic information about COVID-19 vaccines amid “myths and rumours that are exchanged on social media”.

The project, titled The Intersection: Vaccinate India, is a collaboration between Alia’s production house, Eternal Sunshine Productions, and podcast network Audiomatic. “Even though the vaccines are here, some of us are still hesitant. A great deal of this hesitancy is due to misinformation, myths and rumours that are exchanged on social media and other messaging platforms,” she explained. 

The series is an effort to learn more about the vaccines through “reliable sources and make the most informed choice about getting vaccinated”, she added. 

The Intersection that debuts today will have renowned doctors and global health activists contribute facts and data in regards to the COVID-19 vaccines. “I hope this series will help address some of your concerns around the vaccines,” commented Alia. 

We’re absolutely certain that Alia’s new initiative will most definitely help many. Keep up the good work, Alia!

Featured Image: Instagram and Twitter