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The Teaser For Alia Bhatt’s ‘Darlings’ Just Dropped & Here Are 6 Things We Loved About It

The Teaser For Alia Bhatt’s ‘Darlings’ Just Dropped & Here Are 6 Things We Loved About It

Alia Bhatt needs no introduction. The actress has a string of stellar performances to highlight her career and several accolades to her name. Leaving everyone in awe yet again, Alia recently took to the ‘Gram to share the official teaser of her upcoming film, Darlings. TBH, it totally gave us chills!

This exciting project is a nod to the age-old fable—the relationship between a scorpion and a frog. The teaser left us speechless and netizens are already in praise of Alia’s performance. While we wait for Darlings to hit the screens, here are 6 things we loved about the teaser. 

The Talented Team


The film Darlings boasts a talented ensemble. Apart from Alia Bhatt headlining the project, the cast also includes other gifted actors, such as Shefali Shah, Vijay Varma and Roshan Mathew. That’s not all! Written by Parveez Sheikh, the writer of Queen, and Vijay Maurya, the writer of The Great Indian Murder, we’re sure this movie will be a blockbuster.

Alia’s Maiden Production Venture


Earlier in March 2021, Alia introduced the world to her production company, Eternal Sunshine Productions. She said she would use the platform to tell tales—‘Happy tales. Warm and fuzzy tales. Real tales. Timeless tales’. Darlings is the first movie produced by her company, so we know it’s special and that we’re in for a treat!

The Captivating BGM

One of the most gripping parts of the teaser was its suspenseful background music. Not only did it evoke feelings of anticipation but it also created a sense of excitement. The lyrics of the teaser were penned beautifully by veteran poet Gulzar and it was tied to the screenplay with music composed by Vishal Bhardwaj. If you ask us, we defo can’t wait to listen to songs from this project!

Thriller-Comedy Genre

In the past, Bollywood has tried several times to create movies in this genre, but failed terribly. With Darlings, we’re finally hoping that there will be a change. In the teaser, we can see all the elements that make a great thriller-comedy, including action, dark humour, and even a potential murder. What’s more, the story comes with a gripping moral—vicious beings can’t resist harming others.

The Story

We’re sure everyone agrees that the story and plot are the most important elements in any film. According to reports, this film revolves around the lives of a mother-daughter duo who struggle to find their place in chaotic Mumbai. If this wasn’t hard enough, the two encounter a man who adds more trouble to the mix. The teaser ends with Alia saying ‘Haan saab, sirf khayalon mein mara tha’ (yes, sir, the killing was only in our imagination). NGL, it made us laugh, feel fearful, and everything in between.

Alia’s First Thriller

From drama, to romance, and even science fiction, Alia has dipped her toes in several movie genres. However, this is the first time she is taking part in a thriller. While we’re certain that Alia will be fab as always, it will be interesting (to say the least) to see her play a character where she is both in a position to get hurt as well hurt others. 

A day before Alia dropped the teaser, she shared a glimpse of the film that created quite the stir on social media. She captioned the post, “thoda dark … thoda comedy 🎈 DARLINGS teaser out TOMORROWS”. Giving the audience exactly what she promised, we along with her fans can’t wait to see what the film has in store for us.

Premiering exclusively on Netflix, Darlings will hit the OTT platform on August 5. For now, all we can do is wait for July to fly by! 

Feature Image Credit – Instagram

05 Jul 2022

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