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The Birthday Gal, Alia Bhatt’s Skincare Routine Is A Sure Shot Way To Get Glowing!

The Birthday Gal, Alia Bhatt’s Skincare Routine Is A Sure Shot Way To Get Glowing!

It’s B-Town’s favourite gal’s birthday and we are super stoked! Alia Bhatt has been a cinematic sensation ever since she debuted on the big screen. Unlike her other co-stars, she has a rather humble approach to beauty. Just take a look at her Insta page where she keeps on flaunting bare skin like a totally natural diva. What’s her secret to that natural glow you ask? We got the deets. The birthday girl revealed her skincare routine on her YouTube channel and here are all the tips we are taking from it.

Birthday Gal, Alia Bhatt’s Daily Skincare Routine

Cleansing Goals

The star stresses the importance of beginning your skincare routine with cleansed skin. She says gel or foam cleansers are always a great choice or even oil-based cleansing balms. Alia admitted that she loves and uses cleansing balms a lot because it is the best way to take off all that makeup after a shoot or workday.

Hydrating Massage

Her next step after cleansing is to hydrate with a face mist and then use a facial massage tool. While there are different types of massage tools like Gua Sha or jade rollers and collagen rollers, we see the celeb use an electric massage tool to awaken and energise her visage.

Eye Cool

After that invigorating massage, eye care is what the celeb focuses on. She applies an under eye cream and gently massages it to help prevent eye bags and dark circles.

Niacinamide Junky

Niacinamide is an active ingredient that Alia swears by. Using a serum infused with niacinamide helps with keeping fine lines away, protects skin from pollution, regenerates skin cells, and hydrates skin. She uses it after her eye cream and she also appears to use a thicker cream to serum formula.

Moisture Motion

The star promotes that any skincare you apply to your face must be applied to your neck and even hands as well This is a good tip to prevent premature signs of ageing. She also likes using a dewy moisturiser infused with natural ingredients to keep her skin moisturised. Moisturising is an important step for her because constant exposure to studio lights does make her skin dry.

Caffeine Kick

An unusual yet totally cool trick she uses is an oil-based eye serum. Once her eye cream, skin serum, and moisturiser are set in place, she uses a caffeine oil on her under-eye areas to further hydrate, energise, and lock in moisture. Caffeine has multiple benefits for the skin and it is especially great for depuffing and brightening the under-eye areas.

Sunshine Satire 

Even Alia knows that sunscreen needs to be applied when indoors too. After moisturiser, she applies a tiny amount of sunscreen as she won’t be going outdoors. The sunscreen formula she uses is lightweight so it doesn’t leave her skin greasy and makeup can be applied over it. 

Take a cue from Alia Bhatt’s skincare routine because she is seriously onto some good skin habits. We trust the birthday girl is going to treat her skin with some extra TLC on her special day as well and so should you.

Featured Images: Instagram

15 Mar 2022

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