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Alia Bhatt Reveals Her Professional Equation With Ranbir Kapoor & It’ll Leave You Swooning

Alia Bhatt Reveals Her Professional Equation With Ranbir Kapoor & It’ll Leave You Swooning

NGL, Bollywood films of the recent past were quite disappointing. Rehashed storylines and flat acting had everyone at their wits’ end. But thankfully, Ayan Mukerji’s Brahmastra came to the rescue and finally broke the spell of non-performing films.

As India’s first multi-universe superhero franchise movie it took everyone by surprise. Apart from its intriguing plot line and realistic VFX, the movie was also appreciated for Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor’s acting skills. This was the first time that the soon-to-be parents appeared together on-screen. And the couple didn’t disappoint as it was their crackling chemistry that had us hooked from start to finish.

Recently in a conversation with a leading daily, wifey Alia opened up about her experience working with Ranbir on the sets of Brahmastra. She said that they have a beautiful equation as companions, and that they also share a great working relationship since they are passionate about movies. The couple respect each other’s personalities and professional commitments, she added.

But it wasn’t just Alia who spilled some beans on their relationship! Ranbir too was at his candid best as he said Alia’s personality can be ‘daunting’ sometimes. The actor joked and expressed that Alia can be boisterous, cuz’ she gets him to do photoshoots for the ‘Gram before an event which can be daunting. LOL, isn’t that the most couple-y thing you’ve heard all day?


Alia was also soon to respond to his boisterous comment. She said that though Ranbir’s instant response to a photoshoot is always ‘no baby no’, the hubby always gives in and does it to make her happy. Ranbir further confessed that in all seriousness that Alia is the best manager in the world. Aww, these two are always giving us major #CoupleGoals.

Though the Shiva and Isha fans were disappointed to hear that Brahmastra Part 2 will only hit the screens in 2025, the movie’s director, Ayan Mukerji recently shared that he will soon start working on the sequel, leaving viewers satisfied at the moment. “I didn’t think I would be ready to get back to work as soon as this first baby was delivered, but the Energy from our Audiences has given me the Energy to jump straight back into it…!” he said on his Insta post that he shared yesterday.

Well, we for one can’t wait for #RaLia to set our screens on fire again!

Featured Image: Instagram

20 Sep 2022

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