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Alia Bhatt On How She Would React If Her Daughter Chooses To Be An Actor

Alia Bhatt On How She Would React If Her Daughter Chooses To Be An Actor

Earlier this month, Alia Bhatt took the internet by storm after announcing the arrival of her daughter. On November 6, the actress took to the ‘Gram and uploaded the sweetest pic talking about her baby’s birth. She also added a caption which read, “And in the best news of our lives:- Our baby is here..and what a magical girl she is. We are officially bursting with love. Blessed & obsessed PARENTS!!!!! love love love Alia and Ranbir.”


In a recent interview, Alia got candid on how she’s apprehensive about raising her daughter as a public figure. She said, “I am a little concerned about bringing up a child in the public eye. I talk about it with my friends, with my family, and my husband a lot. I don’t want there to be a sort of intrusion into my child’s life. So that’s something that I feel very protective about.”

Alia also spoke about what she would feel if her daughter chooses to be an actor. “I don’t think that’s something that I can really prepare and plan for. I don’t want to have any fixed ideas of how I want that to be. Because why should I have any expectations and then be met with any disappointment or elation or anything of that sort? So they need the slate blank, a bit,” she added.


In the same interview, Alia also talked about the scrutiny she faced when she entered the industry. However, the actress added that while the judgement is harsh, she understands that it’s also another facet of the fame and love she receives.

“There are moments when you feel a bit overwhelmed with the attention and the volume of conversation around your life. But the only thing I’ve had to tell myself is: You knew you wanted to become an actor, and that you wanted to be really good at it, and you wanted to be extremely celebrated. Then you can’t not want—and not pay—the price that comes with it,” Alia explained.

Coming back to Alia’s take on parenting, we can understand her worries about raising a child in the limelight. But regardless of what life throws at her, we already know Alia will be the best mom for her lil’ one.

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24 Nov 2022

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