Alia Bhatt’s Latest Airport Look Shows Us How NOT To Style A Belt Bag

Sumona BoseSumona Bose  |  Aug 7, 2018
Alia Bhatt’s Latest Airport Look Shows Us How NOT To Style A Belt Bag


The handsfree carryalls trend, featuring the belt bags, is huge in the fashion industry right now. After OD-ing on the ‘fanny pack‘, street style is itching to make it stick and we have to say, this undeniably cool and chic vibe is growing on us. So much so, that even the lover of all things quirky Ranveer Singh decided to rock the trend in the best way possible:

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But just because a trend is doing well doesn’t mean that it is immune to fumbles. A tricky accessory like the belt bag has to be styled properly, especially since it can alter the silhouette of your ensemble majorly. The latest celeb to fall victim to this tricky trend is, unfortunately, the otherwise uber stylish Alia Bhatt:

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There were two big fumbles about Alia’s look:

First, this is how you should be stylish bigger belt bags… either wear it on your chest or with fuller bottoms that can balance out its size. Definitely NOT with skinny jeans: 

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The other qualm we have about Alia’s styling of the bag… the slouchy top. You best bet with rocking a nice belt bag, whether it is big or small is to make sure it is complemented with a proper fit. The slouch can mess with the already extended accessory, adding weight to your waist, which is never a good idea. You can even cinch a loose top with the bag but never let one fall on the bag!

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Alia seemed to have a better grip on how to style the trend by wearing it with an oversized t-shirt and coat:

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Maybe she was just tired from her long flight or was the styling a fluke? You decide!

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